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2008.5.25 New series of S. pombe vectors are added in our plasmid collection.

These are now ready for distribution from BRC, RIKEN.

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We have closed the previous database due to security reasons. But deep links have been constructed between this database and GeneDB, The Sanger Centre. Please visit the GeneDB website and you can find the link to our data at a webpage for an individual gene.



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Resource distribution

S. pombe entry clones and plasmids that can express YFP-FLAG-His6- or FLAG2-His6-tagged ORFs can be distributed from the DNA Bank, BioResource Center, RIKEN.

Fission yeast cells expressing YFP-FLAG-His6- or FLAG2-His6-tagged ORFs will be also distributed from BRC. We are now preparing the materials. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

A series of S. pombe multicopy and integration vectors are now ready for distribution.
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