Tosiyuki Azuma We experimentally study wide-ranged physical processes; cold chemical reaction relevant to universe evolution, dynamics of large complex molecules, atom interaction with a ultra short-pulsed intense lasers and crystals, from new methods and view points of atomic, molecular and optical physics.

We constructed a compact electrostatic ion storage ring dedicated for investigating molecular collisions and dynamics. Low-energy collisions and reactions of cold molecular ions in the specific vibrational and rotational states prepared by the ring is our primary mission to be explored. Taking advantages that an electrostatic ring has no limitation of mass of stored ions, we expect that the excitation and de-excitation dynamics of large bio-molecular ions and cluster ions as well as energy-differential cross section of relevant collisions are revealed.

We have started a new project to perform merging experiments by combining atomic and molecular beams with an ultra-short pulsed intense laser. We have been also trying manipulation of high-energy heavy atomic ions by the crystal periodic fields. We explore fast dynamics in the ultra short time range, and spectroscopy and manipulation of heavy ions in the energy region from EUV to X-rays.