Our laboratory covers quite wide ranges of AMO physics, dealing with molecular ions, cluster ions, and highly charged atomic ions with the energy range from meV to GeV, exploring the new frontier field beyond the traditional atomic collision experiments.

1. RICE: cryogenic electrostatic ion storage ring
Cryogenic electrostatic ion storage ring at 4 K
Ion source and beam transport
Cold molecular ion injection system
Neutral beam line
Superconducting tunnel junction (STJ) detector operating at 1.6 K
Molecular ions in superfluid helium droplets at 0.4 K

2. TMU E-ring: room-temperature electrostatic ion storage ring
De-excitation dynamics of negative carbon cluster ions

3. RCE: resonant coherent excitation of fast highly charged ions
RCE of mid-Z highly charged ions at HIMAC (Dynamics)
RCE of high-Z highly charged ions at GSI (Spectroscopy)

4. Exploring new atomic, molecular, and photonic physics utilizing the photon sources
Resonant photodetachment of positronium negative ions (Ps-)
Photoionization of rare gas systems in the intense circularly-polarized photon field