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Recent Papaers

  1. D. Maryenko, J. Falson, Y. Kozuka, A. Tsukazaki, M. Onoda, H. Aoki, and M. Kawasaki,
    "Temperature-Dependent Magnetotransport around v=1/2 in ZnO Heterostructures"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 186803 (2012).
  2. L. Demko, S. Bordacs, T. Vojta, D. Nozadze, F. Hrahsheh, C. Svoboda, B. Dora, H. Yamada, M. Kawasaki, Y. Tokura, and I. Kezsmarki,
    "Disorder Promotes Ferromagnetism: Rounding of the Quantum Phase Transition in Sr1-xCaxRuO3"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 185701 (2012).
  3. S. Johnston, I.M. Vishik, W.S. Lee, F. Schmitt, S. Uchida, K. Fujita, S. Ishida, N. Nagaosa, A.X. Shen, and T.P. Devereaux,
    "Evidence for the Importance of Extended Coulomb Interactions and Forward Scattering in Cuprate Superconductors"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 166404 (2012).
  4. K. Ueda, S. Iguchi, T. Suzuki, S. Ishiwata, Y. Taguchi, and Y. Tokura,
    "Topological Hall Effect in Pyrochlore Lattice with Varying Density of Spin Chirality"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 156601 (2012).
  5. S. Nakosai, Y. Tanaka, and N. Nagaosa,
    "Topological Superconductivity in Bilayer Rashba System"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 147003 (2012).
  6. S. Hikino, M. Mori, W. Koshibae, S. Maekawa,
    "Towards precise measurement of oscillatory domain wall by ferromagnetic Josephson junction"
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 152402 (2012).
  7. H. Murakawa, Y. Onose, S. Miyahara, N. Furukawa, and Y. Tokura,
    "Comprehensive study of the ferroelectricity induced by the spin-dependent d-p hybridization mechanism in Ba2XGe2O7 (X = Mn, Co, and Cu)"
    Phys. Rev. B 85, 174106 (2012).
  8. J. Fujioka, S. Ishiwata, Y. Kaneko, Y. Taguchi, and Y. Tokura,
    "Variation of charge dynamics upon the helimagnetic and metal-insulator transitions for perovskite AFeO3 (A = Sr and Ca)"
    Phys. Rev. B 85, 155141 (2012).
  9. S. Seki, X. Z. Yu, S. Ishiwata, and Y. Tokura,
    "Observation of Skyrmions in a Multiferroic Material"
    Science 336, 198 (2012).
  10. J. S. Lee, K. Shibuya, M. Kawasaki, and Y. Tokura,
    "Optical investigation of metal-insulator transitions in V1-xWxO2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.33)"
    Phys. Rev. B 85, 155110 (2012).