Frontier Research System

Frontier Research System Advisory Council (FRAC)

4th FRAC (February 20-21,2006)

3rd FRAC(April 7-8,2004)

2nd FRAC(June 6-8,2001)

1st FRAC(May 11-12,2000)

Single Quantum Dynamics Research Group

Mid-term Review Report (November 14-15, 2005)

Bio-Mimetic Control Research Center

Mid-term Review-Phase II (August 10-11,2005)

Final Review-Phase I (August 7,2002)

Mid-term Review-Phase I(July 2-3,1998)

Supra-Biomolecular System Research Group

Prior evaluation

Mid-term Review Report (October 23-24, 2003)

Spatio-Temporal Function Materials Research Group

Prior evaluation

Mid-term Review Report (November 4-5, 2003)

Photodynamics Research Center

Report of the Post-term Review-PhaseII (September, 2005)

Report of the Mid-term Review-PhaseII (July 15-16, 2002)

Report of the Post-term Review-PhaseI

International Frontier Research Program on Earthquake (IFREQ)

Mid-term Review Report (February 21-22, 2000)

Prior Evaluations of New Projects


Emergent Functions Asian Collaboration


Cross-Correlated Materials Research

Responsive Matter Chemistry & Engineering Research

Systems Glycobiology Research


Functional RNA Research


Terahertz-wave Research

*Prior evaluations are conducted for new projects in order to request budget funds. Project planning must on occasion be adjusted in response to the evaluation results and the amount of budget funds approved.