Researchers' Perspectives

Piero Carninci

The best thing about working at RIKEN is being in an institution that has a very well defined stream to support the direction of your science. It is an institution that supports you and puts everything at your disposal for your research to happen.

Piero Carninci (Italy)
Director, Genomic Technologies Division, Center for Life Science Technologies.

Tong Bu

RIKEN is a world-leading institution. I came here for an internship and liked it so much that I decided to stay for my PhD.

Tong Bu (China)
PhD candidate, Biomass Engineering Program

Philipp Gruber

There are a lot of good scientists here, doing research that is world-leading.

Philipp Gubler (Switzerland)
Postdoc, Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science

The generous budget is a big advantage. Researchers also have a lot of freedom here and can do whatever they think is important and interesting. This is the essence of science.

Sidonia Fagarasan (Romania)
Team leader, Center for Integrative Medical Sciences

What I like about RIKEN is that everyone is really focused. It is a really stimulating and efficient work environment.

Aron Beekman (Netherlands)
Postdoc, Center for Emergent Matter Science