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About new SPDR program
The Foreign Postdoctoral Researcher (FPR) program launched in 2007 has provided talented young foreign scientists with the same kind of opportunities as the Special Postdoctoral Researcher (SPDR) program which was primarily targeted at young Japanese scientists. Starting from FY 2016, the two programs will be merged into a new SPDR program. Qualified candidates of all nationalities are welcome to apply. Please see below for details.

Program Outline

The Foreign Postdoctoral Researcher (FPR) program offers aspiring young foreign researchers with creative ideas and who show promise of becoming internationally active in the future the opportunity to pursue innovative research at RIKEN under the direction of a RIKEN laboratory head. The FPR program is one of RIKEN's initiatives to open up its facilities and resources to the world and create a stimulating research environment that will place RIKEN at the forefront of global science and technology.

Foreign Postdoctoral Researchers are expected to make full use of RIKEN's research environment, under the direction of a RIKEN laboratory head, to apply creative and innovative ideas to research being conducted at RIKEN. By introducing promising young researchers from different countries into its institutes and centers, RIKEN hopes to create an invigorating research environment that transcends differences of nationality to make RIKEN a world leader in scientific achievement.

Program Features

  • The FPR program offers young and promising foreign researchers the opportunity for creative and innovative research under the direction of a RIKEN laboratory head on topics being pursued at RIKEN.
  • The FPR will have access to RIKEN's various facilities and installations to the extent possible.
  • The FPR program is for young foreign researchers who have a PhD in the natural sciences (or who will have a PhD by the time of hire).
  • The FPR is a fixed-term contract employee with a contract that must be renewed each year. This contract can be renewed, contingent upon a favorable review of the FPR's record, up to a maximum of three years. (The contract can be extended if time is taken off for maternity or childcare leave.)

Fields of Research

Physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, and any other fields related to research now being conducted at RIKEN

Application and selection process

Applications are publicly solicited each year and reviewed by a screening committee comprised of scientists working in relevant fields inside and outside RIKEN.


FPR desk
Research Personnel Affairs Section
Human Resources Division, RIKEN
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198 Japan
Fax: +81-(0)48-463-3687
Email: fpr [at]