Seeking a Research Scientist (CREST)

Research Field

Toward predictive understanding of the development of multicellular organisms, this laboratory is developing mathematical models of developmental systems and technologies for quantitative developmental biology, by combining molecular cell biology, biophysics, genome sciences, computational sciences, mathematical sciences, etc. We use C. elegans embryo as a model system for developing fundamental models and technologies, and apply those to more complex systems such as mammalian embryos.
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Job title and Job description

Available Position

Research Scientist: One or two persons

Job Description

Under the leadership of the supervisor, successful applicants will carry out research in JST CREST project “Data-driven analysis of the mechanism of animal development (PI: Shuichi Onami)”.
The project aims to develop data-driven methods to understand mechanisms of animal development, by integrating large data of biological dynamics obtained by combining 4D microscope and computational image processing, and most advanced omics data. First, we will focus on C. elegans embryo, but we are planning to apply developed methods to mammalian systems and medical science. The research will include the following topics.

  1. Development of computational methods to infer mechanisms of embryonic development by using large data of 4D nuclear dynamics in gene knockdown C. elegans embryos obtained for each of all embryonic essential genes.
  2. Development of computational methods to deduce mathematical models of animal development by integrating our quantitative 4D developmental dynamics data and most advanced omics data in public.
  3. Development of experimental methods to measure spatiotemporal gene expression patterns of all essential embryonic genes with single cell resolution.
  4. Validation of mathematical models of development inferred by using data-driven methods by combining molecular cell biology experiments and computer simulations.

This JST CREST project was started in FY2015.


Applicants must have a Ph.D. with strong background in information sciences, computational sciences (including bioinformatics), molecular cell biology, or biophysics. Experience in biological research is preferred but not required. Those who wish to develop new methods or to challenge themselves to new fields are welcomed.

Work location

RIKEN Kobe Branch
2-2-3 Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0047, Japan

Salary and benefits

The term of the contract shall be until March 31 of the fiscal year. Thereafter, the contract is renewable annually upon evaluation until the end of the project. Salary shall be determined on an annual basis subject to the applicant’s experience and performance. Social health insurance, commuting and housing allowances are provided. Days off are weekends, public holidays, New Year’s holidays (Dec 29 – Jan 3) and RIKEN Foundation Day. These and other provisions are in accordance with RIKEN regulations.

Application and required documents

Documents for Application

  1. CV with photograph and E-mail address.
  2. List of publications (one copy of representative publications).
  3. Brief description of previous research and future research plans (about one A4 page each).
  4. Two letters of recommendation, including one from current supervisor.


The positions will remain open until suitable candidates are appointed.

Handling Personal Data

Handling of Personal Data: All private data sent to RIKEN in application for employment is handled in strict confidentiality, and such data is not utilized for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party. Application documents will not be returned.

Selection process

Selection will be made based on application screening and interviews.

Start of Employment

Earliest date possible (negotiable)

Send application to

Recruit address:
Human Resources Section, Administrative Division, RIKEN Kobe Branch
*Please replace "[at]" with "@". Please write "Laboratory for Developmental Dynamics: Application for Research Scientist" in the subject line.
2-2-3 Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku
Kobe 650-0047, Japan

Contact Information

Shuichi Onami
Laboratory for Developmental Dynamics
RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center
Email: sonami[at]
*Please replace "[at]" with "@".
Applicants are encouraged to contact Shuichi Onami prior to a formal application.