Wako Health Center

Wako Health Center

Generally speaking, Japan has an excellent healthcare system, and the level of hygiene is very high. Tap water is safe to drink, for example. But while English-speaking doctors and nurses can be found at large hospitals in the major urban areas, foreign residents may have difficulty with the language barrier at local clinics, hospitals and dentists in smaller cities and towns.

On-campus Clinics

All of the main RIKEN campuses have an occupational health nurse on duty as well as occupational physicians who make regular visits to the campuses. Campus clinics also provide annual health checks for all employees and, of course, first-aid assistance in emergencies.

Off-campus Clinics and Hospitals

To make local health care more accessible for its foreign employees, RIKEN provides detailed information on local health care facilities where English is spoken and help desk staff will provide assistance in making appointments, filling out forms, and the like.

Health Insurance

RIKEN employees and their families are automatically enrolled in Japan’s national health insurance program through the Science and Technology Health Insurance Society, and generally will only have to pay for 30% of actual medical and dental costs.

If you will be working at RIKEN without being paid directly by RIKEN (as an intern or visiting scientist, for example), you will need to make your own arrangements for health insurance. We strongly recommend that you check with your contacts at RIKEN and make such arrangements before you arrive in Japan.