Stamping an immigration form

All foreigners residing in Japan must have a visa. For those hired overseas, your RIKEN laboratory will assist with the necessary paperwork, but please keep in mind that ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure that you have the correct visa and that you renew it as necessary.

The visa application process can take three months or more so start the process as soon as possible. When you are hired by RIKEN, you will be given a Certificate of Eligibility that you can submit to the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate with your visa application. The Certificate of Eligibility will help to speed up the process.

Those who will be coming to RIKEN as short-term visiting scientists should consult with their RIKEN host laboratory regarding the necessity of a visa.

If you will be living and working in Japan for more than 3 months, you will be issued a Resident Card upon your arrival. Family members who accompany you as your dependents will also get their own resident cards. These cards serve as your primary identification while you are in Japan and should be carried with you at all times.