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Welcome to the help page. Please consult the sections below for information on the organization and navigation of this website.

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Content on the website is divided into six sections: About RIKEN, Research, News & Media, Careers, Outreach and Community. Each section can be accessed via the navigation bar shown below.

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An outline of RIKEN's mission, its management structure and history, as well as information on RIKEN's campuses and offices, its budget, personnel and governance, and its donations program.


Includes an overview of RIKEN's research activities, its research environment and infrastructure, as well as an introduction to RIKEN centers and laboratories, and an index of all laboratory heads.

News & Media

Press releases, news articles, information on various events and symposia, publications such as annual reports and pamphlets, and videos and other multimedia content.


Information on job postings at RIKEN labs, programs for junior scientists, positions and salaries, and perspectives from current researchers on what it is like to work at RIKEN.


Includes an introduction to shared-use resources, patent activity, programs for collaboration with industry, and an overview of educational and research partnerships.


Practical information for members of this community on various aspects of life in Japan, including housing, education, health and immigration.

Site-wide search

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Search for contents on the website using the search box in the top-right corner of every page, as shown above.

Text size

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If text on the page is difficult to read, you can enlarge it by clicking on the large letter "A" icon to the left of the search box, as shown above.

RSS feeds

All frequently updated content posted on the website, including press releases, news articles, job postings and events are available in RSS format.

Below is a list of all RSS feeds:

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