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Date Title Location
Dec 19, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Self-assembly and mesocrystal engineering of anisotropic nanoparticles Saitama, Japan
Dec 19, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Role of DNA methylation in early life and its impact in later life Ibaraki, Japan
Dec 19, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Approaches to inflationary cosmology Saitama, Japan
Dec 20, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe generated by Helical Hypermagnetic fields through chiral anomaly Saitama, Japan
Dec 25, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Competing orders in Dirac fermions NEW Saitama, Japan
Dec 26, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Geometry in topological quantum matter and nematic quantum Hall states Saitama, Japan
Dec 27, 2017 RIKEN Seminar: Correlative light-electron microscopy reveals the assembly process of the nuclear pore complex Saitama, Japan
Jan 5, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: CO2 capture and utilization; introduction of materials and analytical methods developed in our lab Saitama, Japan
Jan 16, 2018 RIKEN Synthetic chromatin acylation promoted by chemical catalyst systems Saitama, Japan
Jan 16, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Sustainable production of industrial chemicals through combination of chemo- and biocatalysis Saitama, Japan
Jan 19, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Cavity quantum electrodynamics with a single spin : coherent spin-photon coupling and ultra-sensitive detector for condensed matter NEW Saitama, Japan
Jan 23, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Multi-omics approach to the human health using a large-scale genome cohort Kanagawa, Japan
Jan 23, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Ultrastrong coupling regime of two-photon interactions NEW Saitama, Japan
Feb 7, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Structural effects on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and their derivatives under charged particle collision Saitama, Japan