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April 28, 2009

Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon awarded to to Kazuo Takeuchi

Dr. Kazuo Takeuchi

The Japanese government announced today that it will award the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon to Dr. Kazuo Takeuchi, for his considerable contribution to the development of science and technology. Dr. Takeuchi is a Senior Research Priority Planning Member of RIKEN's Research Priority Committee. We offer Dr. Takeuchi our sincere congratulations on this honor. The award ceremony will take place on May 19, 2009.

Research Priority Committee Member, Dr. Teruo Okano, a Director and Professor at the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering & Science at Tokyo Women's Medical College, will also be awarded the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon.

Brief Resume

1978 Ph.D. in Engineering, University of Tokyo
Postdoctoral fellow, Laser Science Group, RIKEN
1979 Research Scientist, Chemical Engineering Laboratory, RIKEN
1985 Research Scientist, Laser Science Group, RIKEN
1986 Chief Scientist, Director of Powder Technology Laboratory, RIKEN
1988 Chief Scientist, Director of Separation Engineering Laboratory, RIKEN
1990 Head of Molecular Laser Isotope Separation Group, RIKEN (concurrent role)
1995 Chief Scientist, Director of Applied Laser Chemistry Laboratory, RIKEN
1996 Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University
1998 Technical Manager, Wyckoff Co. Ltd. (RIKEN Venture) (concurrent role)
2001 Chief Scientist, Director of Nanomaterial Processing Laboratory, RIKEN
2003 Representative Director, Wyckoff Co. Ltd. (RIKEN Venture) (concurrent role)
2007 Senior Research Priority Committee Member, RIKEN
2008 Director, Wyckoff Co. Ltd. (RIKEN Venture) (concurrent role)