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March 26, 2013

Kohei Tamao
Chair, ASI, RNC, RSC Tenured Research Personnel Liaison Committee

FY 2012 Significant Achievement Award

For FY 2012, RIKEN recognized the following scientists with the Significant Achievement Award.

Yoshitsugu Shiro, Chief Scientist, Photon Science Research Division Biometal Science Laboratory
Achievement: Molecular Science of Biological NO Reducing System

From left : Dr. Shiro,ASI Director Tamao

Naoko Imamotoa, Chief Scientist, Cellular Dynamics Laboratory, ASI
Shingo Kose, Senior Research Scientist
Achievement: Identification of Hikeshi, a novel nuclear transport receptor required for attenuation of heat-stress damages of human cells

From left : Dr. Kose,Dr. Imamoto ,ASI Director Tamao

Tahei Tahara, Chief Scientist, Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory, ASI
Shoichi Yamaguchi, Senior Research Scientist
Satoshi Nihonyanagi, ASI Research Scientist
Achievement: Development of New Interface-Selective Nonlinear Spectroscopy

From left : Dr. Yamaguchi,Dr. Tahara ,ASI Director Tamao

Dr. Nihonyanagi

Yoshihiro Ito, Chief Scientist, Nano Medical Engineering Laboratory, ASI
Achievement: Contribution to biomaterial science utilizing biological molecules

From left : Dr. Ito,ASI Director Tamao

The awards were decided as follows: recommendations based on achievements were carefully evaluated by the Award Assessment Committee (chair: Reizo Kato), decided by the ASI, RNC, RSC Tenured Research Personnel Liaison Committee (chair: Kohei Tamao), and presented to the Indefinite Term Research Personnel Council (chair: Maki Kawai) for approval.