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February 4, 2014

RIKEN exhibits at nano tech 2014

From January 29 to 31, RIKEN held a booth at nano tech 2014, an international convention aimed at promoting innovation by matching technological breakthroughs with potential users.

Through 14 presentations given over the three days of the convention, RIKEN researchers introduced research breakthroughs and new technologies, with the aim to initiate partnerships with the private sector for commercialization. The presentations focused on materials, such as organic semiconductors, with potential applications in solar cell technology, and devices such as novel microscopes.

One particularly popular presentation, by Shinichiro Nakamura, dealt with both photosynthesis and "molecular music," a way of presenting the vibrations of molecular bonds as audible sounds.

This year, one of the presentations was given by a representative of NEXSYS Corporation, a company set up under the RIKEN Venture system to commercialize surface grinding technology developed at RIKEN.

The convention attracted more than 45,000 visitors from around the world during the three days.