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December 2, 2014

Hidetoshi Katori awarded medal with purple ribbon

Chief Scientist Hidetoshi Katori, head of the RIKEN Quantum Metrology Laboratory, has been awarded a Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon, an honor conferred by the Japanese government on individuals who have contributed to academic and artistic developments, improvements and accomplishments.

Dr. Katori was given the award for his accomplishments in the development of optical lattice clocks, which are extremely accurate timepieces. Optical lattice clocks have been lauded for the potential impact they will have on atomic physics as well as for the part they could play, as next-generation clocks, in the development of a new infrastructure to replace GPS.

Dr. Katori said, "It is a great honor to get this award, and this gives me encouragement to continue my work to put optical lattice clocks into practical application in both our social life as well as in fundamental physics."

The medal was presented at an awards ceremony held on November 14 by Minister of Education Hakubun Shimomura.