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RIKEN BioResource Research Center

Resource Advancement Unit

Unit Leader: Kaoru Saijo

"Cell Engineering Division in RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC)" was originally organized as the "RIKEN Cell Bank" in 1987. It is a unique, not-for-profit public organization for deposit, standardization, preservation, and distribution of cultured animal cell lines produced by life science community. "Resource Advancement Unit of the Cell Division in RIKEN-BRC" works to distribute cultured animal cell lines to the domestic and overseas scientists.

Main Research Field



  • bioresouce
  • quality control
  • tissue culture

Selected Publications

  1. Sarntivijai,S., Lin, Y., Xiang, Z., Meehan, F T., Diehl, D A., Vempati, D U., Schürer, C S., Pang, C., Malone, J., Parkinson, H., Liu, Y., Takatsuki, T., Saijo, K., Masuya, H., Nakamura, Y., Brush, H M., Haendel, A M., Zheng, J., Stoeckert, J C., Peters, B., Mungall, J C., Carey, E T., States, J D., Athey, D B., and He, Y.:
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  2. Sudo,K., Kurita, R., Furuwatari, M., Saijo, K. and Nakamura, Y.
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    Experimental Hematology 41, S74. (2013)
  3. Danjoh, I., Saijo, K., Hiroyama, T. and Nakamura, Y.
    "The Sonoda-Tajima Cell Collection: a human genetics research resource with emphasis on South American indigenous populations."
    Genome Biol Evol. 3, 272-83, (2011)
  4. Yamamotoa. T., Gomyoda, T., Ito, T., Saijo, K., Danjoh, I. and Nakamura, Y.
    "Family selection study among DNA samples collected from Amerindian ethnic group (Wayuu) in northern Colombia"
    Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series 3, e234-e235, (2011)
  5. Yoshino, K., Saijo, K., Noro, C. Nakamura, and Nakamura, Y.
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  6. Danjoh, I., Sone, H., Noda, N., Iimura, E., Nagayoshi, M., Saijo, K., Hiroyama, T. and Nakamura, Y.
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  7. Sudo, K., Kanno, M., Miharada, K., Ogawa, S., Hiroyama, T., Saijo, K. and Nakamura, Y.
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  8. Yoshino, K., Iimura, E., Saijo. K., Iwase, S., Fukami, K., Ohno, T., Obata, Y. and Nakamura, Y.
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  10. Liu, S Q., Saijo, K,, Todoroki ,T. and Ohno T.
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    Nat Med.1,267-71, (1995)

Contact information

3-1-1 Koyadai
Tsukuba, Ibaraki
305-0074, Japan

Email: kaoru.saijo [at]