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RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing

Laboratory Head: Andrzej Cichocki (Ph.D.)
Andrzej  Cichocki(Ph.D.)

The main objective of the laboratory is develop novel artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies for analysis and processing of massive multi-modal biomedical data and for computational (neuro)science in order to model and simulate of complex mechanisms and phenomena. Cichocki Laboratory is developing novel algorithms and software for tensor decompositions and tensor networks including multilinear Independent Component Analysis (ICA), non-negative matrix/tensor factorization (NMF/NTF), and Sparse Component Analysis (SCA). The laboratory develops innovative algorithms and software for tensor networks and deep neural networks to simulate and understand complex systems and to process massive large-scale multidimensional data sets (e.g., feature extraction, classification, clustering, anomaly detection and prediction).

Main Research Field


Related Research Fields

Engineering / Biological Sciences


  • Tensor networks and tensor decomposition
  • Multi-linear blind source separation
  • Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
  • Linked multi-way component analysis
  • Deep Neural Networks

Selected Publications

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  3. Cichocki A, Cruces S, Amari S.:
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  4. Caiafa C, Cichocki A.:
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  6. Dauwels J, Vialatte F, Musha T, Cichocki A.:
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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Andrzej Cichocki
Laboratory Head

Core Members

Keiichi Kitajo
Deputy Team Leader
Huy Anh Phan
Research Scientist
Qibin Zhao
Research Scientist
Zbigniew Romuald Struzik
Research Scientist
Zhe Sun
Research Scientist
Huihai Zhao
Research Scientist
Fabien Pierre Robert Lotte
Visiting Researcher
Li Zhu
International Program Associate
Yuya Hirayama
Technical Staff I
Hiroyo Yamaguchi