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Strong Correlation Quantum Transport Research Team

Team Leader: Yoshinori Tokura (D.Eng.)
Yoshinori  Tokura(D.Eng.)

We aim to study various quantum transport phenomena which emerge in thin films, hetero-interfaces, and bulk samples. Specifically, we try to clarify the effects of spin-orbit interaction on the transport phenomena in the systems with broken inversion-symmetry, and electron transport in non-trivial spin textures, through the transport measurements under low temperature and high magnetic-field conditions. Unconventional superconductors are also investigated by means of resistivity measurement under high pressure as well as THz spectroscopy.

Main Research Field

Mathematical and physical sciences

Related Research Fields

Interdisciplinary science and engineering / Engineering


  • strongly correlated electrons system
  • colossal magnetoresistance
  • high-temperature superconductors
  • multiferroics
  • topological insulators

Selected Publications

  1. Mogi, M., Kawamura, M., Yoshimi, R., Tsukazaki, A., Kozuka, Y., Shirakawa, N., Takahashi, K. S., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "A magnetic heterostructure of topological insulators as a candidate for an axion insulator"
    Nat. Mater. 16, 516-521 (2017).
  2. Yasuda, K., Tsukazaki, A., Yoshimi, R., Takahashi, K.S., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Large Unidirectional Magnetoresistance in a Magnetic Topological Insulator"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 127202 (2016).
  3. Okada, K. N., Takahashi, Y., Mogi, M., Yoshimi, R., Tsukazaki, A., Takahashi, K. S., Ogawa, N., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Terahertz spectroscopy on Faraday and Kerr rotations in a quantum anomalous Hall state"
    Nat. Commun. 7, 12245 (2016).
  4. Yasuda, K., Wakatsuki, R., Morimoto, T., Yoshimi, R., Tsukazaki, A., Takahashi, K. S., Ezawa, M., Kawasaki, M., Nagaosa, N., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Geometric Hall effects in topological insulator heterostructures"
    Nat. Phys. 12, 555-559 (2016).
  5. Yamamoto, A., Takeshita, N., Terakura, C., and Tokura, Y.:
    "High pressure effects revisited for the cuprate superconductor family with highest critical temperature"
    Nat. Commun. 6, 8990 (2015).
  6. Yoshimi, R., Yasuda, K., Tsukazaki, A., Takahashi, K. S., Nagaosa, N., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Quantum Hall states stabilized in semi-magnetic bilayers of topological insulators"
    Nat. Commun. 6, 8530 (2015).
  7. Yoshimi, R., Tsukazaki, A., Kozuka, Y., Falson, J., Takahashi, K. S., Checkelsky, J. G., Nagaosa, N., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Quantum Hall effect on top and bottom surface states of topological insulator (Bi1-xSbx)2Te3 films"
    Nat. Commun. 6, 6627 (2015).
  8. Checkelsky, J. G., Yoshimi, R., Tsukazaki, A., Takahashi, K. S., Kozuka, Y., Falson, J., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Trajectory of the anomalous Hall effect towards the quantized state in a ferromagnetic topological insulator"
    Nat. Phys. 10, 731-736 (2014).
  9. Yoshimi, R., Tsukazaki, A., Kikutake, K., Checkelsky, J. G., Takahashi, K. S., Kawasaki, M., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Dirac electron states formed at the heterointerface between a topological insulator and a conventional semiconductor"
    Nat. Mater. 13, 253-257 (2014).
  10. Murakawa, H., Bahramy, M. S., Tokunaga, M., Kohama, Y., Bell, C., Kaneko, Y., Nagaosa, N., Hwang, H. Y., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Detection of Berry's phase in a bulk Rashba semiconductor"
    Science 342, 1490 (2013).

Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Yoshinori Tokura
Team Leader

Core Members

Minoru Kawamura
Senior Research Scientist
Maximilian Anton Hirschberger
Postdoctoral Researcher
Ryutaro Yoshimi
Special Postdoctoral Researcher
Harold Yoonsung Hwang
Senior Visiting Scientist

Contact information

Frontier Research Laboratory, 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198, Japan

Email: tokura [at]

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