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RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science

Materials Characterization Support Unit

Unit Leader: Daisuke Hashizume (D.Sci.)
Daisuke  Hashizume(D.Sci.)

Our unit provides research support by means of X-ray crystal structure analysis, electron microscopy, and elemental analysis. In addition to supporting on the individual method, we give multifaceted research support by combining these methods. To give analyses of the highest level quality to researchers, we always update our knowledge and make training in our skills. We make collaboration with researchers, not only we perform merely routine works, to achieve purposes of their research and to provide new insights on the research through discussion based on the results. We also challenge to develop unexplored measurement methods aiming at more advanced and sophisticated analysis.

Main Research Field


Related Research Fields

Physics / Engineering / Materials Sciences

Research Subjects

  • X-ray Structure Analysis
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Elemental Analysis

Selected Publications

  1. Lee, G. –R., Ohtsu, H., Koo, J., Yakiyama, Y., Park, M. J., Inoue, D., Hashizume, D., and Kawano, M.:
    “Crystallinity-dependence of ionic conductivity in the ion pairs of a multi-interactive anion”
    Chem. Commun., 52, in press (2016).
  2. Zhong, Y., Suzuki, K., Inoue, D., Hashizume, D., Izawa, S., Hashimoto, K., Koganezawa, T., and Tajima, K.:
    “Interface-induced crystallization and nanostructure formation of [6,6]-phenyl-C61-butyric and methyl ester (PCBM) in polymer blend films and its application in photovoltaics”
    J. Mater. Chem. A, in press (2016).
  3. Nakano, M., Osaka, I., Hashizume, D., and Takimiya, K.:
    “α-Modified naphthodithiophene diimides-molecular design strategy for air-stable n-channel organic semiconductors”
    Chem. Mater., 27, 6418 (2015).
  4. Li, C., Cho, J., Yamada, K., Hashizume, D., Araoka, F., Takezoe, H., Aida, T., and Ishida, Y.:
    “Macroscopic ordering of helical pores for arraying guest molecules noncentrosymmetry”
    Nat. Commun., 6, 8418 (2015).
  5. Yamamoto, A., Hashizume, D., Bahramy, M. S., and Tokura, Y.:
    “Coexistance of monochalocogen ions in BiSe2 and BiS2 crystals prepared at high pressure”
    Inorg. Chem., 54, 4114 (2015).
  6. Yamagishi, H., Fukino, T., Hashizume, D., Mori, T., Inoue, Y., Hikima, T. Takata, M., and Aida, T.:
    “Metal-organic nanotube with helical and propeller-chiral motifs composed of a C10-symmetric double-decker nanoring”
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137, 7628 (2015).
  7. Shoji, Y., Tanaka, N., Hashizume, D., and Fukushima, T.:
    “The molecular and electronic structures of a thioaroyl cation formed by borinium ion-mediated C=S double bond cleavage of CS2
    Chem. Commun., 51, 13342 (2015).
  8. Chou, C. –M., Nobusue, S., Saito, S., Inoue, D., Hashizume, D., and Yamaguchi, S.:
    “Highly bent crystals formed by restrained π-stacked columns connected via alkylene linkers with variable conformations”
    Chem. Sci., 6, 2354 (2015).
  9. Egami, H., Asada, J., Sato, K., Hashizume, D., Kawato, Y., and Hamashima, Y.:
    “Asymmetric fluorolactonization with a bifunctional hydroxyl carboxylate catalyst”
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137, 10132 (2015).
  10. Kobayashi, M., Hayakawa, N., Matsuo, T., Li, B., Fukunaga, T., Hashizume, D., Fueno, H., Tanaka, K., and Tamao, K.:
    “(Z)-1,2-di(1-pyrenyl)disilene: synthesis, structure, and intramolecular charge-transfer emission”
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 138, 758 (2015).

Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Daisuke Hashizume
Unit Leader

Core Members

Keiko Suzuki
Senior Technical Scientist
Daishi Inoue
Technical Scientist
Chieko Kariya
Special Temporary Employee
Jooyeon Ha
International Program Associate
Tomoka Kikitsu
Technical Staff I
Yoshio Maebashi
Technical Staff I