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RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies

Biosystem Dynamics Group

Group Director: Yasuhide Furuta (Ph.D.)
Yasuhide  Furuta(Ph.D.)

The mission of our group is to aid in understanding of fundamental mechanisms underlying the ontogenesis of multicellular organisms and maintenance of physiological activities by developing and applying multi-layer analytical technologies from organismal levels to molecular and genetic information. A major emphasis is on the advancement of those technologies involving highly specialized skills and infrastructures that can often be difficult to establish in individual laboratory settings. Our expertise encompasses the areas including the development of novel and useful animal model systems, state-of-the-art microscopic technologies to visualize tissue, cell, and molecular structures and dynamics, and next-generation platforms for protein and gene analyses. Applying knowledge and techniques through these developmental research activities, we also provide technical support services to multiple RIKEN institutes and Centers, as well as to a larger biomedical research community.

Main Research Field

Biological Sciences