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RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies

Genomics Miniaturization Technology Unit

Unit Leader: Charles Plessy (Ph.D.)
Charles  Plessy(Ph.D.)

We develop methods for "population transcriptomics", to describe a biological sample as a population of single cells, classified by the RNAs that they contain. We use new methods to prepare sequence libraries from tens of thousands of individual cells. We expect population transcriptomics to contribute to the discovery and monitoring of biomarkers, and to provide a high resolution to all the studies of the effect of drug treatments in therapies and cellular reprogramming.

Research Subjects

  • Single-cell population transcriptomics
  • Quantitative sequencing
  • High-throughput sequencing of antibodies and T cell receptors.

Selected Publications

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  5. Plessy C., Desbois L., Fujii T., Carninci P.:
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