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NMR Facility

Facility Director: Hideaki Maeda (Ph.D.)
Hideaki  Maeda(Ph.D.)
We are developing an NMR spectrometer with a magnetic field intensity stronger than those ever achieved, along with super-high sensitivity NMR probes and novel NMR measurement methods, in order to delineate conformation change of proteins in solution with ultra-high resolution. Additionally, we act as a core institute for an NMR platform between large NMR facilities in Japan.

Main Research Field


Related Research Fields

Physics / Chemistry / Materials Sciences / Biology & Biochemistry / Molecular Biology & Genetics / Pharmacology & Toxicology / Agricultural Sciences / Environment & Ecology

Research Subjects

  • Development of NMR spectrometers using high-temperature superconducting magnets operated beyond 1GHz
  • Development of ultra-sensitivity NMR probe using high temperature superconducting RF coil
  • Basic investigation on the next generation REBCO high-temperature superconducting magnet technology

Selected Publications

  1. Takahashi, M., Ebisawa, Y., Tennmei, K., Yanagisawa, Y., Hosono, M., Takasugi, K., Hase, T., Miyazaki, T., Fujito, T., Nakagome, H., Kiyoshi, T., Yamazaki, T., and Maeda, H.,
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  2. Yanagisawa. Y, Sato, K., Piao, R., Nakagome, H., Takematsu, T., Takao, T., Kamibayashi, H., Takahashi, M., and Maeda, H.,
    “Removal of degradation of the performance of the performance of an epoxy impregnated YBCO-coated conductor double pancake coil by using a polyimide-electrodeposited YBCO-coated conductor”,
    Physica C 476, 19-22(2012).
  3. Yanagisawa, Y., Okuyama, E., Nakagome, H., Takemastu, T., Takao, T., Hamada, M., Matsumoto, S., Kiyoshi, T., Takizawa, A., and Maeda, H.,
    The mechanism of thermal runaway due to continuous local disturbances in the YBCO-coated conductor coil winding,
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  4. Y. Yanagisawa, Y. Kominato, S. Matsumoto, K. Zaitsu, T. Hase, T. Miyazaki, M. Hamada, M. Hosono, and H. Maeda,
    Magnitude of the screening field for YBCO coils,
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  5. Takematsu, T., Hu, R., Takao, T., Yanagisawa, Y., Nakagome. Uglietti, D., Kiyoshi, T., Takahashi, M, and Maeda, H.,
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    Physica C 470, 674(2010)
  6. Hobo, F., Takahashi, M., Saito, Y., Sato, N., Takao, T., Koshiba, S., and Maeda, H.
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  7. Yanagisawa, Y., Nakagome, H., Tennmei, K., Hamada, M., Yoshikawa, M., Otsuka, A., Hosono, M., Kiyoshi, T., Takahashi, M., Yamazaki, T., and Maeda, H.,
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  10. Yoshimoto, F., Takahashi, M., Horiuchi, T., Hobo, F., Inoue, K., Miki, T., Hamada, M., Okamura, T., Yokoyama, S. and Maeda, H.,
    “4 Kelvin cryogenic probe for 500MHz NMR”,
    Adv. Cryogenic Engineerin 51, p704-711 (2006).

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