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RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science

Biomass Research Platform Team

Team Leader: Kazuo Shinozaki (D.Sci.)
Kazuo  Shinozaki(D.Sci.)

Our aim is research and development concerning the resources related to plants, microorganisms etc., the development of bases for genome information etc. and metabolome analysis approaches, among others. We prepare gene resources related to the enhancement of the production, growth and environmental tolerance of cellulose in Brachypodium, a species of plant expected to serve as the model for studies on the increased production of cellulose biomass. In addition, we perform metagenomics and genomics with the use of single cells in symbiotic microorganisms of termites and other subjects.

Main Research Field


Related Research Fields

Agricultural sciences


  • Environmental stress
  • Biomass
  • Reverse genetics
  • Comparative genomics

Selected Publications

  1. Takahashi, F., Tilbrook, J., Trittermann, C., Berger, B., Roy, S. J., Seki, M., Shinozaki, K. and Tester, M. :
    "Comparison of Leaf Sheath Transcriptome Profiles with Physiological Traits of Bread Wheat Cultivars under Salinity Stress"
    PloS one, 10, e0133322. (2015)
  2. Yuki, M., Kuwahara, H., Shintani, M., Izawa, K., Sato, T., Starns, D., Hongoh, Y., Ohkuma, M. :
    "Dominant ectosymbiotic bacteria of cellulolytic protists in the termite gut also have the potential to digest lignocellulose"
    Environ Micobiol, 17, 4942-4963. (2015)
  3. Kakei, Y., Mochida, K., Sakurai, T., Yoshida, T., Shinozaki, K. and Shimada, Y. :
    "Transcriptome analysis of hormone-induced gene expression in Brachypodium distachyon"
    Sci Rep, 5, 14476. (2015)
  4. Takahashi, F., Mizoguchi, T., Yoshida, R., Ichimura, K ., and Shinozaki, K .:
    "Calmodulin-Dependent Activation of MAP Kinase for ROS Homeostasis in Arabidopsis"
    Molecular Cell 41, 649-660 (2011).
  5. Mochida, K ., and Shinozaki, K .:
    "Advances in Omics and Bioinformatics Tools for Systems Analyses of Plant Functions"
    Plant Cell Physiol. 52, 2017-2038 (2011).
  6. Kazama, Y, Ma, L, Hirano, T, Ohbu, S, Shirakawa, Y, Hatakeyama, S, Tanaka, S., and Abe, T.:
    "Rapid evaluation of effective linear energy transfer in heavy ion utagenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana"
    Plant Biotechnol. 29, 440-444 (2012).
  7. Otagiri, M, Lopez, CM, Kitamoto, K, Arioka, M, Kudo, T., and Moriya, S.:
    "Heterologous Expression and Characterization of a Glycoside Hydrolase Family 45 endo-β-1,4-Glucanase from a Symbiotic Protist of the Lower Termite"
    Reticulitermes speratus Appl Biochem Biotechnol., 169, 1910-1918 (2013).
  8. Mochida, K., Uehara-Yamaguchi, Y., Takahashi, F., Yoshida, T., Sakurai, T. and Shinozaki, K.:
    "Large-scale collection and analysis of full-length cDNAs from Brachypodium distachyon and integration with pooideae sequence resources."
    PloS one, 8: e75265. (2013).
  9. Himuro, Y., Ishiyama, K., Mori, F., Gondo, T., Takahashi, F., Shinozaki, K., Kobayashi, M. and Akashi, R.:
    "Arabidopsis galactinol synthase AtGolS2 improves drought tolerance in the monocot model Brachypodium distachyon"
    J plant physiol. 171, 1127-1131 (2014).
  10. Nakashima, K., Yamaguchi-Shinozaki, K. and Shinozaki, K.:
    "The transcriptional regulatory network in the drought response and its crosstalk in abiotic stress responses including drought, cold, and heat"
    Front Plant Sci., 5, 170 (2014).

Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Kazuo Shinozaki
Team Leader

Core Members

Shigeharu Moriya
Senior Research Scientist
Masatomo Kobayashi
Senior Research Scientist
Tomoko Abe
Senior Research Scientist
Moriya Ohkuma
Senior Research Scientist
Jun Kikuchi
Senior Research Scientist
Masato Otagiri
Research Scientist
Fuminori Takahashi
Research Scientist
Masahiro Yuki
Research Scientist
Hiroko Kobayashi
Technical Staff II

Contact information

E804 East Research Building,
1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 230-0045, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)45-503-9582
Fax: +81-(0)45-503-9580

314 Research Building (2nd Phase),
3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0074, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)29-836-9060
Fax: +81-(0)29-836-9109

Email: kazuo.shinozaki [at]

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