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Synthetic Genomics Research Group

Group Director: Minami Matsui (D.Sci.)
Minami  Matsui(D.Sci.)

Genome sequences of many organisms have been determined by recent progress of genome sequencing technologies. This huge information makes it possible not only reveal the mechanisms of life but also understand the biodiversity of organism in molecular levels. Our research group will construct the science and technological basis for the establishment of recycling social system with reduced environmental impact by using useful genome information including bioplastics biosynthesis.We will transfer basic research knowledge to our society by using sorghum besides model plants.

Main Research Field


Related Research Fields

Chemistry / Agricultural sciences

Research Subjects

  • Research on genome expression profile of Sorghum a C4-plant and gene exploration for the improvement of plant growth.
  • Research on exploration of chemicals for enhancement of plant growth by chemical biology
  • Research on the system establishment for multiple gene expression in plants

Selected Publications

  1. Shimada, S., Makita, Y., Kuriyama-Kondou, T., Kawashima, M, Mochizuki, Y., Hirakawa, H., Sato, S., Toyoda, T. Matsui, M.:
    "Functional and expression analyses of transcripts based on full-length cDNAs of Sorghum bicolor."
    DNA Res. 22, 485-93 (2015)
  2. Makita, Y.; Shimada, S.; Kawashima, M. Kondou-Kuriyama, T., Toyoda, T., and Matsui, M.:
    "MOROKOSHI: Transcriptome Database in Sorghum bicolor"
    Plant and Cell Physiol. 56, e6(1–8) (2015)
  3. Shimada,S., Komatsu, T., Yamagami, A., Nakazawa, M., Matsui, M., Kawaide, H., Natsume, M., Osada, H., Asami, T., and Nakano, T.:
    "Formation and dissociation of BSS1 protein complex regulates plant development via brassinosteroid signaling."
    Plant Cell 27:375-90. (2015)
  4. Kurihara, Y. Okubo-Kurihara, E., Matsui, M.:
    "Polycistronic expression of RNA silencing suppressor protects its own mRNA from RNA silencing."
    Plant Biotechnol. 32, 1-7 (2015)
  5. Foong, C.P., Lau, N.S., Deguchi, S., Toyofuku, T., Taylor, T.D., Sudesh, S., Matsui, M.:
    "Whole genome amplification approach reveals novel polyhydroxyalkanoate synthases (PhaCs) from Japan Trench and Nankai Trough seawater Manuscript"
    BMC Microbiology 24;14(1):7(2015)
  6. Kurihara, Y., Makita, Y., Kawashima, M., Hamasaki, H., Yamamoto, Y.Y., Matsui, M.:
    "Next-Generation Sequencing of Genomic DNA Fragments Bound to a Transcription Factor in Vitro Reveals Its Regulatory Potential"
    Genes 5, 1115-1131 (2014)
  7. Lau, N.S., Foong, C.P., Kurihara, Y., Sudesh, K., and Matsui, M.:
    "RNA-seq analysis provides insights for understanding photoautotrophic polyhydroxyalkanoate production in recombinant Synechocystis sp"
    PLOSONE, doi; 10.1371/journal.pone.0086368 (2014).

Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Minami Matsui
Group Director

Core Members

Yuko Makita
Research Scientist
Yukio Kurihara
Research Scientist
Setsuko Shimada
Research Scientist
Yotaro Saito
Research Scientist
Emiko Kurihara
Postdoctoral Researcher
Mika Kawashima
Technical Staff I
Tomoko Kuriyama
Technical Staff I
Hiroko Tsuchida
Technical Staff I

Contact information

E820 East Research Building
1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 230-0045, Japan

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