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Kohei  Tamao(D.Eng.)
Kohei Tamao

The Global Research Cluster brings together projects in diverse disciplines—ranging from astrophysics to chemical biology—which are based primarily on collaborations with universities, industry, and research institutes outside RIKEN. The Cluster provides strong support and leadership for RIKEN’s global collaborations in an era when scientific advances are often achieved by international teams using highly specialized instruments, research resources and talents that may only exist at one location in the world. Projects to be incorporated in the Global Research Cluster are selected according to the quality of the leadership and the project’s potential for finding solutions to global-scale problems.

Main Research Field

Mathematical and physical sciences / Biological Sciences

Related Research Fields

Complex systems / Interdisciplinary science and engineering / Chemistry / Engineering / Biology / Medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy


  • Glycobiology, Structural biology
  • glycoproteins
  • Cosmic X-rays and gamma-rays, Cosmic rays and particle acceleration
  • Electro-magnetic counterparts to gravitational wave sources
  • Black holes and neutron stars



Contact information

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