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Initiative Research Units / Special Research Units

The Initiative Research Unit Leader Program was established in 2008 to offer scientists with outstanding, internationally recognized achievements the opportunity to pursue independent, interdisciplinary research of their own design at RIKEN. This program has now been terminated but existing Initiative Research Units will remain active for a pre-determined number of years (please see individual unit pages for more information). Under the program, unit leaders were given the freedom to select their own research associates and technicians and build and manage their own team. Initiative Research Units conduct research in new fields of the natural sciences, pioneering research in areas such as physics, chemistry, biology, medical science and engineering.

Special Research Unit Program was established in March 2008 to allow for prompt and timely response to the research needs of society by making it possible to concentrate quickly and effectively on specific research topics without the constraints of belonging to a specific laboratory or research group.

Organization (Alphabetical order by family name of PI)