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Medical Sciences Innovation Hub Program (MIH)

Shigeo  Koyasu(D.Sci.)
Program Director:
Shigeo Koyasu
To develop personalized preventive medicine based on fine prediction, this program is going to acquire patients' data by collaborating with hospital and analyze data using AI technology including machine learning which will significantly improve the understanding of diseases.

We will contribute to support individual healthcare by these using this AI technology and novel chemical biology of drug development. This program is supported by Construction Hub Coordination Program of Japan Science and Technology Agency and Data Platform Construction of Health and Medical data by RIKEN.

Main Research Field

Medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy

Related Research Fields

Informatics / Complex systems / Biological Sciences / Biology


  • Disease Data Integration
  • Disease Biology
  • Preventive medicine
  • Chemical biology


  • Disease Biology Group
    Haruhiko Koseki(M.D., Ph.D.)
  • Drug Development Data Intelligence Platform Group
    Yasushi Okuno(Ph.D.)
    • Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Data Intelligence Unit
      Yasushi Okuno(Ph.D.)
    • Medicinal Chemistry Data Intelligence Unit
      Teruki Honma(Ph.D.)
    • Molecular Design Data Intelligence Unit
      Mitsunori Ikeguchi(Ph.D.)
    • Data Intelligence Collaborative Unit for Drug Discovery Platform
      Yasushi Okuno(Ph.D.)

Contact information

E216 East Research Building, C521 Central Research Building(Drug Development Data Intelligence Platform Group),
1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku,
Yokohama City, Kanagawa,
230-0045, Japan

Email: mih-office [at]

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