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Integrated life science research to challenge super aging society

Tadafumi  Kato(M.D., Ph.D.)
Deputy Director, BSI (*):
Tadafumi Kato
(M.D., Ph.D.)

*BSI: RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Japan is facing at super-aging society. It is urgent agenda to keep health of aged people. The key is to understand the aging phenomenon. To understand aging, a result of temporally, genetically, and environmentally complex interactions, an integrated approach is needed. For this purpose, the research will be undertaken from three key points to understand the aging phenomenon; “brain and nerve”, “homeostasis via immune and other systems” and “metabolism”, and technologies for these studies will be developed.


Research Subjects

  • To visualize brain aging and elucidate the mechanism to regulate aging of neural network
  • To elucidate the mechanism of impairment of homeostasis via aging of immune and other systems
  • To elucidate the roles of metabolism in aging from multiple approaches

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