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Bringing the best of research from RIKEN to the international community and raising awareness of RIKEN as a global brand are at the core of RIKEN's science communication strategy. RIKEN Research, a quarterly magazine and website, is a key tool for the realization of these aims. The magazine presents the very best of the research published by RIKEN every year in an accessible, easy-to-read format, providing regular insights into the people, facilities and programs that make up daily life at RIKEN. The core component of RIKEN Research are short, easy-to-understand Research Highlight articles explaining for a broad scientific audience some of the latest research articles published by RIKEN researchers. The intended audience includes researchers worldwide and all those who have a strong interest in science and technology.

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Recent Research Highlights

A quick chill releases magnetic frustration

The delicate interplay between electronic properties and crystal structure explains how ‘frustrated’ magnets escape magnetic deadlock at low temperatures

An early link to motion perception

Human perceptual motion bias in low-contrast scenes is encoded within a part of the brain that is the first to receive visual information

Carbon nanotubes go under the microscope

Ultrahigh-resolution optical imaging of individual carbon nanotubes is now possible under user-friendly conditions

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Special Feature

An exotic phase to manipulate spin

The experimental detection of an important quantum phenomenon in a semiconductor could lead to improved control of electron spin and the development of practical spintronics

RIKEN People


Revealing the secrets of the brain

The RIKEN Brain Science Institute is leading the development of technological breakthroughs that will contribute to major advances in our understanding of how the human brain works

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RIKEN Places

Realizing the potential of regenerative biology

At the heart of biomedical research and innovation in Kobe, the Center for Developmental Biology is in an excellent position to apply its pioneering research to regenerative medicine

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