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Through RIKEN Research, our quarterly magazine and website, we present the best of research from RIKEN to the international community. Our research is shown in an accessible, easy-to-read format, providing regular insights into the people, facilities and programs that make up RIKEN. The core component of RIKEN Research are short, easy-to-understand Research Highlight articles explaining for a broad scientific audience some of the latest research articles published by RIKEN researchers.

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Recent Research Highlights

Radio telescopes reveal the cradle of a star cluster in the Orion A cloud

A cloud of dust and gas in the Orion constellation contains several dense regions that will collapse to ignite multiple stars

Regulation of circadian rhythms by a peripheral body clock

A peripheral part of the circadian system has been shown to influence the body clocks of mice

A nature-inspired electrocatalyst holds promise for denitrification

A catalyst with an unusual step-by-step mechanism could turn troublesome fertilizer runoff into harmless nitrogen gas

Feature Highlight

Anxiety is infectious

Being sick could be making you more worried say researchers, who have linked changes in mice immune cell metabolism to altered brain chemistry and behavior

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RIKEN People

The pillars of campus life

Takako Sawamura, Deputy Manager, Wako Human Resources Section, Wako Administrative Division

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Environmentally friendly hydrogels

Takuzo Aida's team at the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science has produced environmentally friendly hydrogels with new properties that are composed mostly of water.

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Embarking on a new chapter

Shigeo Koyasu, Executive Director, RIKEN

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Looking at every cell (part 2)

Future diagnoses by imaging cells?

Looking at every cell (part 1)

Genomics technologies accelerating research

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Special Feature

Nihonium takes its place at the table

Nihonium is the official name, and Nh the chemical symbol, for element 113, which was discovered by Kosuke Morita's group at the Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science.

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Breeding mutants

Tomoko Abe has bombarded thousands of plants with heavy ions to create unusual varieties

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RIKEN Places

Energizing photons to the max

The RIKEN SPring-8 Center hosts the most powerful synchrotron radiation facility in the world and an x-ray free-electron laser that is a billion times brighter

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