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Through RIKEN Research, our quarterly magazine and website, we present the best of research from RIKEN to the international community. Our research is shown in an accessible, easy-to-read format, providing regular insights into the people, facilities and programs that make up RIKEN. The core component of RIKEN Research are short, easy-to-understand Research Highlight articles explaining for a broad scientific audience some of the latest research articles published by RIKEN researchers.

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Recent Research Highlights

Catalysis gets a metal-free upgrade

A boron compound safely speeds up transformations between carbon and silicon―two of Earth’s most abundant and important elements

Catalysts hitting the right overtones

A new method for inducing carbon monoxide molecules to ‘hop’ on a catalyst surface could lead to more efficient catalysts

Bridging the gap between buckyballs and graphene

Quantum simulations reveal what it takes to form large spherical carbon nanostructures with unique materials science applications

Feature Highlight

Growing a thick skin

Lab-grown skin sprouts hair and grows glands, paving the way for burn, scar and hair-loss therapies

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RIKEN People

Switching states in solids

Fumitaka Kagawa, Unit Leader, Dynamic Emergent Phenomena Research Unit, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science

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Cultivating collectives of cells

Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology are studying the fundamentals of embryonic development and generating organoids for regenerative medicine.

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Special Feature

RIKEN discovers superheavy element 113

esearchers at RIKEN will be the first in Asia to name an element in the periodic table

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Earth-friendly pesticides

Yutaka Arimoto has developed ‘SaFE’ pesticides from common household products

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RIKEN Places

Energizing photons to the max

The RIKEN SPring-8 Center hosts the most powerful synchrotron radiation facility in the world and an x-ray free-electron laser that is a billion times brighter

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