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Jul 20, 2018
Using spin current to convert mechanical vibrations into electricity
A nanodevice that generates an electrical current from a spin current, which in turn is generated by mechanical oscillations, demonstrates the versatility of electron spin to convert between energy forms
Jul 20, 2018
Mechanism identified that stabilizes chromosome pairs during meiosis
Modification with a protein called SUMO helps maintain proper chromosomal organization in newly produced egg cells
Jul 06, 2018
A hexameric ion-channel complex revs up a bacterial engine
A bacterial engine turns on and off as the number of its protein units changes
Jul 06, 2018
Scanning tunneling microscopy reveals molecular dissociation induced by localized surface plasmons
Scanning tunneling microscopy observations of a single molecule provide new insights into photocatalytic reactions
Jul 06, 2018
Bringing fullerene closer to semiconducting polymer boosts the efficiency of organic solar cells
Fine-tuning the structures of polymers can maximize the light-conversion ability of organic solar-cell systems
Jun 29, 2018
A genome-wide knockout screen reveals genes needed for retroviral element silencing
Systematically knocking out genes from embryonic stem cells reveals which genes are needed for protecting against retroviral elements
Jun 29, 2018
Thin and flexible organic photovoltaic devices engineered to resist both mechanical and thermal stress
Advanced polymer design enables high-performance solar cells to be coated onto textiles
Jun 22, 2018
Lighting up the depths of the brain
By using special nanoparticles to convert infrared radiation into light deep inside the brain, neuroscientists can safely explore new areas
Jun 15, 2018
Radio telescopes reveal the cradle of a star cluster in the Orion A cloud
A cloud of dust and gas in the Orion constellation contains several dense regions that will collapse to ignite multiple stars
Jun 15, 2018
Regulation of circadian rhythms by a peripheral body clock
A peripheral part of the circadian system has been shown to influence the body clocks of mice
Jun 08, 2018
A nature-inspired electrocatalyst holds promise for denitrification
A catalyst with an unusual step-by-step mechanism could turn troublesome fertilizer runoff into harmless nitrogen gas
Jun 08, 2018
Evidence of elusive charge-exchange process in galaxy clusters detected by comprehensive x-ray analysis
X-ray data from galaxy clusters points to electron-stripping process at hot and cold galactic interface
May 18, 2018
Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies triples known genetic risk factors for stroke
An extensive genetic dragnet uncovers novel risk factors for stroke, offering both biological insights and potential disease-prediction tools
May 18, 2018
Memory impairment in Down syndrome linked to inhibition in the hippocampus
Experiments in live mice provide strong support for a theory that explains how Down syndrome impairs memory formation
May 11, 2018
New single-cell RNA sequencing methods could lead to better regenerative therapies
An improved method for analyzing the expression of genes by single cells promises to enhance regenerative medicine therapy as well as disease research
May 11, 2018
Dynamical Casimir effect within reach of optomechanics
Mirrors vibrating at very high frequencies could create photons from nothing
Image of bacteria
Apr 27, 2018
Structural insights into a protein-modification mechanism that boosts bacterial virulence
The molecular structure of a bacterial enzyme reveals how a sugar is added to a protein that supports the growth of pathogenic bacteria
Image of Japanese people
Apr 27, 2018
Massive Japanese genetic analysis links genes, cell types and disease
A huge genetic study could lead to diagnostic tests customized to people in Japan
Colored scanning electron micrograph of bone marrow cavity containing hematopoietic human stem cells
Apr 27, 2018
Three transcriptional circuits found between hematopoietic stem cells and B cells
B cells pass through three distinct gene expression networks on their way from stem cell to B cell
Apr 20, 2018
Genetic network fine-tunes the growth of plant root hairs
A trio of genes ensures that cells in plant roots grow to the optimal size