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 Welcome to the website of Prof. Hou’s Research Group. Our group is composed of both the Organometallic Chemistry Laboratory at RIKEN and the Advanced Catalysis Research Group at RIKEN CSRS (Center for Sustainable Resource Science). We work within the same laboratories at RIKEN Wako campus as one integrated research team at the frontier of chemistry and catalytic science. The main research theme of this research group is "New Catalysts, New Reactions, New Materials". With this belief in mind, our research program spans the fields of organometallic chemistry and organic synthesis, as well as polymer and material sciences. Novel catalysts can facilitate reactions that have been previously considered impossible as well as doing so in an efficient and selective manner. These chemical transformations impact many areas of chemistry including fine-chemical synthesis, olefin polymerization and the synthesis of innovative functional materials. In addition, an important aim in our laboratory is the application of our catalytic chemistry in the efficient transformation of underutilized resources, such as molecular nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), to value-added chemicals. For more information about our research programs, please see the following link. <Research>

News & Topics

  • 2017.4 Dr. Liang Zhang, Senior Research Scientist, received the "CSJ
         Presentation Award 2017".
  • 2017.4 Dr. Kei Nishii, Visiting Reseacher, received the "Academic Award (UBE
  • 2016.10 Dr. Liang Zhang, Research Scientist, received the "Asian Core
         Program/Advanced Research Network Lectureship Award".
  • 2016.2  Dr. Kei Nishii, Visiting Reseacher, received the "Mitsubishi Chemical
         Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan".
  • 2016.1  Prof. Hou, Chief Scientist/Group Director, received the " Nagoya
         Silver Medal".
  • 2014.11  Miss. Beatrice Carry received the "JICCEOCA-4 Best Oral
         Presentation Award".
  • 2014.9  Dr. Shaowei Hu, Postdoctoral Fellow, has been chosen for the
         Reaxys PhD Prize 2014 Finalist.
  • 2014.8  Prof. Hou, Chief Scientist/Group Director, received the "Chinese
         Chemical Society Yao-Zeng Huang Award in Organometallic
  • 2014.7  Miss. Beatrice Carry received the "26th ICOMC Student Poster