Welcome to YU IRU

 The research of Yu Initiative Research Unit focus on the development of independent and multidisciplinary research program though the triangle of chemistry, electronic materials, and biomedical/biological investigations based on molecular and nano-assembled building blocks of conducting polymers. Although many applications of conducting polymers have been demonstrated feasible, there was only limited research toward biological and biomedical applications based on the non-functionalized forms of conducting polymers. Conducting polymers introduce electrical characteristics to build up the complexity necessary for further understanding of the targeted biological/biomedical issues. In our research, we utilize conductive molecular building blocks to synthesize conducting polymers tool-kits for biologoical/biomedical applications.


  • Green and target-oriented synthetic approaches for functional pi materials
  • Anti-fouling conducting polymer biointerfaces as smart surface
  • Cells and nanostructured conducting polymers integration


Conducting polymer, functional pi material, organic conductive biomaterials, nanoassembly, biosensor, biointerface, bioengineering, synthetic organic chemistry, organic electronics