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To-do list for new RIKEN employees

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1 Contract Received on your first day of work, sign and complete as soon as possible
2 RIKEN ID card Received on your first day of work at RIKEN
3 Welcome Session Compulsory - All new employees must attend at their earliest opportunity
Wako campus: 1st of each month or next business day- 10 AM
Information Contact: wiss_ws[at]riken.jp
4 Register new address at the designated city hall Required: Residence Card and passport
*1. Register your New Address at City Hall (makes your Residence Card a valid ID) on your employment start date (first day of work).
If you have registered your address at city hall before your employment start date, the following must be completed at the same time at city hall:
・Submit the "Application for National Pension Contribution Exemption/Payment Postponement" (if this application is not submitted, an additional one month National Pension Insurance premium charge must be paid)
・File the declaration of "0 (zero)" income the previous year in Japan with the tax department.
・In addition, National Health Insurance enrollment and individual payment(s) will be required temporarily.
2. To register your family at the designated city hall, official documents are required to verify the relationship of each family member (Ex. Marriage certificate, Birth certificate) with Japanese translations.

(Sample translation format: Marriage certificate, Birth certificate)
If you have children, Subsidy for Infant/Child Medical Expenses and Child Allowance may be applied for.
5 Open a bank account Required: Residence Card after address registration, home address, personal phone number and seal (most Japanese banks) or signature (limited banks only)
Notes: SMBC Trust Bank offers RIKEN a Special benefit program (RIKEN ID and signature (OK) are required)
6 Enrollment documents pack Submission deadline: 2nd of each month or next business day
Note: Medical Examination Certificate (sample) is required for a new hire. If you will have the medical checkup in Japan, please contact wiss[at]riken.jp
7 Email address Provided by the General Affairs Div., IT Section
8 International SOS card(s) (Available for foreign personnel at Wako, Sendai, Nagoya, Kobe, and Yokohama campuses) 24h-7day medical & security assistance program
Information provided at Welcome Session
9 Health insurance card(s)
Password is required. Please ask the RIKEN laboratory.
Provided after submitting the enrollment documents
10 Benefit station card Provided after submitting the enrollment documents
11 Credit card Optional
12 Survival Japanese Courses (Available for Wako and Yokohama campuses) Optional
Highly recommended for new arrivals in Japan
13 Family Support Services On Wako campus:
Wako Kosodate Network (Wako Childcare Network): wako.tks[at]gmail.com
Bambini: info[at]bambini.lolipop.jp