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To-do list for visiting researchers supported by external funds, interns, students, and trainees etc.

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1 Contract  
2 Register new address at the designated city hall Required: RC (Residence Card) and passport
Notes: To register your family at the designated city hall, official documents are required to verify the relationship of each family member (Ex. Marriage certificate, Birth certificate) with Japanese translations.
(Sample translation format: Marriage certificate, Birth certificate)
3 Japanese national health insurance for stays more than three months If you will stay for 3 months or more and enroll, please request the National Health Insurance at your designated city hall when you register your new address, and also file your annual income for the previous year in Japan, even if it is “0”.
If you have children, Subsidy for Infant/Child Medical Expenses and Child Allowancemay be applied for.
4 Open a bank account Required: Residence Card after address registration, home address, personal phone number and seal (most Japanese banks) or signature (limited banks only)
Note: SMBC Trust Bank offers RIKEN a Special benefit program(RIKEN ID and signature (OK) are required)
5 Email address To be provided by the General Affairs Div., IT Section
6 Survival Japanese Courses (Available for Wako and Yokohama) Optional
Highly recommended for new arrivals
7 Family Support Services For Wako:
Wako Kosodate Network (Wako Childcare Network): wako.tks[at]gmail.com
Bambini: info[at]bambini.lolipop.jp