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Computational Structural Biology Research Team
RIKEN Center for Computational Science
(Team Leader: Florence Tama)

Research Field

RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS), led by Center Director Satoshi Matsuoka, is an international research center in high performance computing and computational science in Japan. Our objectives are to investigate "the Science of (high performance) computing, by computing, and for computing", to research and develop our technologies (R-CCS technology) and software (R-CCS software), which we consider our core competence, in order to produce world-leading scientific and engineering results for use in Japan as well as globally.

Also, R-CCS started operating Japan's national flagship supercomputer, the K computer, as a shared national facility to support a wide range of research activities in 2011. Following K's success, development work on its successor, Supercomputer Fugaku, was launched in April 2014.

The objective of the Computational Structural Biology Research Team is to advance our understanding of biological processes through the study of structures and dynamics of biological molecules. More particularly, the team aims to develop computational tools that can be used to interpret low-resolution structural data as obtained from cryo electron microscopy and x-ray free electron laser experiments.

Job title and Job description

Available positions

Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher

Job Description

We are seeking persons who can engage in research and development in the area of structural analysis of biological complexes using XFEL and/or cryo-EM data. More specifically the applicant is expected to help in the developments of new methods to infer structural information from low-resolution data ranging from the molecular level (building atomic models) to cell level (coarse-grained modeling) as well as algorithms to analyze the data from time-resolved experiments to obtain molecular-level descriptions of protein functional dynamics, which are then applied to experimental data to obtain a better understanding of biological processes.


The position requires a Ph.D. (including those who will take a degree before arriving at the post. If it has been 5 years or less since your acquisition of Ph.D. degree, you will be employed as a Postdoctoral Fellow), or equivalent/higher abilities. The candidate should have good experience with low-resolution structural data of biological systems, molecular dynamics simulations and computer programming. Communication in English is required.

Work location

The Computational Structural Biology Research Team is located at the following address:
RIKEN Center for Computational Science,
6-7-1, Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0047, JAPAN

Salary and benefits

  • 1.(Postdoctoral Researcher) One-year fixed-term employment contract, renewable based on evaluation, to a maximum 5 years of employment.
  • 2.(Senior/Research Scientist) One-year fixed-term employment contract, renewable based on evaluation, to a maximum 7 years of employment. We plan to evaluate in the sixth year. Depending on the evaluation result, there is a possibility that it will be extended beyond seven years.
  • 3.RIKEN may adjust the above maximum period of renewability based on a) the employee's abilities, work load at the time of contract completion, performance and work attitude and b) the continuation of the employee's center, laboratory or project and RIKEN's management situation and budget at the time. In principle, employment contracts will not be renewed for individuals older than 65 years
  • 4.The employee's period of fixed-term employment cannot exceed 10 years from the initial date of hire (or 10 years from April 1, 2013 for fixed-term employees already at RIKEN prior to this date).

There will be a trial period of employment (in principle, 2 months).
Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Commuting and housing allowances will be provided. Social insurance will be applied. Mandatory membership in the RIKEN Mutual Benefit Society (RIKEN Kyosaikai).
These positions fall under the specialized duties discretionary work system; one working day will be calculated as 7 hours and 30 minutes.
Days off include public holidays, New Year's holidays (Dec. 29 - Jan 3), and RIKEN Foundation Day. These and other provisions are in accordance with RIKEN regulations.
RIKEN is promoting a Gender Equality Program by taking various measures to create a workplace where both men and women are able to give full rein to their talents and abilities.

Also, you will be eligible for an exemption from repayment for category 1 scholarship loans provided by the Japan Student Services Organization before fiscal year 2003, and eligible for applying for the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi) of Japan.

Application and Required documents

Please send the following documents to the mailing address given below:

  • 1.Curriculum vitae or Curriculum vitae
  • 2.List of research achievements (publications, presentations, awards, software development/release projects you are involved in, etc.).
  • 3.Your experience in that field, together with your research plan if employed (within 2 pages in A4 format)
  • 4.At least two letters of recommendation from a person who can evaluate your work. The letter should be addressed to the Director of RIKEN Center for Computational Science.
  • 5.Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR
    If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), you are required to submit the document, “Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR” with your signature.
    *You will find detailed information about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the following website:
    Data protection | European Commission


Until the final candidate is found.

Handling of personal data

All private data sent to RIKEN in application for employment will be handled in strict confidentiality, and such data will not be utilized for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party. Application documents will not be returned.

Selection process

Those who pass the selection on the basis of the candidate's documents will be interviewed at R-CCS
(twice for Senior/Research Scientist, once for Postdoctoral Researcher).

Start of employment

As early as possible (negotiable)

Contact information and Send application to

Address: 2-2-3 Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0047, Japan
RIKEN Kobe branch, Kobe Administrative Division
Kobe Human Resources Section
Email: kobe-jobs[at]riken.jp
Please make sure to write “Computational Structural Biology Research Team”in red on the envelope or the subject of Email.


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