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Seeking a Part timer (Y20013)


Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
(Team Leader: Piero Carninci)

Research Field

The Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology develops technologies to comprehensively study the non-protein-coding part of the genome and comprehensively screen its functions, including the study of long non-coding RNAs. Using original technologies, we explore regulatory interactions, including those centered of ncRNAs, with particular emphasis on the interaction of non-coding RNA with chromatin, , RNA binding proteins, retrotransposition and lncRNAs having a role in the translational regulation of protein synthesis. Altogether, novel findings will pave the way towards development of future therapies. Additional emphasis will be on development and standardization of RNA profiling technologies like polysome interaction, RNA Fluorescent In situ Hybridization (FISH), RNA binding protein interaction (RIP, CLIP-seq), in vivo SHAPE (icSHAPE), Mass Spectrometry, RNA modification and the cap-analysis gene expression (CAGE) and its variants to develop a universal and finely quantitative transcriptome technology, which will ultimately be used to profile regulatory lncRNAs.

For more information, please refer to:
Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology

Job title and Job description

Job title

One opening for a Research Part-time Staff

Job description

We seek a part timer to perform various molecular biology duties potentially including cell culture work, transfection, RNA measurement with qPCR and protein measurement with western blotting in addition to providing general technical support for research staff. A general background in molecular biology techniques coupled with a strong work ethic and desire to learn is required, while previous experience in one or more of the above areas is preferred.

Project Name: SINEUP RNAs: novel non-coding RNA that enhance protein translation
We want to dissect the function of a novel class of non-coding RNAs, called SINEUPs, which have the function of overly enhance translation of protein in mammalian system. We propose to develop SINEUPs as tools for biotechnology, having a function opposite to siRNAs and miRNAs. To do this, we will dissect their function by deletion mutants and will further explore the natural extent of natural SINEUPs in many species. We will finally demonstrate the power of SINEUPs to stimulate the production of a protein of interest, like a human antibody. SINEUPs will be used in the future as general tools to perturb gene function by enhancing, and more importantly, they have the potential to become powerful RNA therapeutics.

The candidate will work with translation assays and cell culture system to analyze features of the non-coding RNAs using molecular biology, cell biology and genomics tools. The candidate will support research towards understanding of the functions and mechanisms of a novel class of non-coding RNA and support laboratory management (keep and order reagents, maintain instruments, clean laboratory. etc.).


The selected candidate must fulfill the following criteria:

  • 1.Should hold a bachelor’s level or higher degree and have a background in molecular biology and cell biology. Preferred to have knowledge and experience about [Job description] at least for 2 years.
  • 2.Should have basic computer skills (E-mail, Excel (VBA required), Word, and Power Point).
  • 3.Experience providing other experimental support for genomics experimental skills and broad understanding of in vivo techniques are further preferred.
  • 4.Must be a team player who has proactive and constructive attitude.
  • 5.Must have excellent communication skills and be able to engage in research in a coordinated manner to complete the assigned tasks with the members of mixed nationalities.
  • 6.Comfortable with English and Japanese language to understand experimental protocols, instruction of instruments and standard communication with colleagues and administration.

Work location

RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 230-0045, Japan

Salary and benefits

Hourly wages

  • 1,100-1,300JPY (Research Part-time Worker Ⅱ)
  • 1,400-1,600JPY (Research Part-time WorkerⅠ)

The category of Part-time Staff is based on RIKEN regulations, with consideration given to the skills and experience of the candidate.

Commuting allowance: provided (within a pre-determined range)

Terms of contract

The initial contract will be until March 31, 2021.

  • -A one-year fixed-term employment contract, renewable based on the agreement of both parties, to a maximum of five years from the date of hire.
  • -RIKEN may adjust the above maximum period of renewability based on a) the employee’s abilities, work load at the time of contract completion, performance and work attitude and b) the continuation of the employee’s center, laboratory or project and RIKEN’s management situation and budget at the time.
  • -The employee’s period of fixed-term employment cannot exceed 5 years from the initial date of hire (or 5 years from April 1, 2013 for fixed-term employees already at RIKEN prior to this date. However, employees who have previously worked at RIKEN may be subject to different rules on period of fixed-term employment. Please refer “RIKEN employment duration for fixed-term employees” for more details if necessary.).

Working days

4-5 days per week

Working hours

The work hours shall be one of the following, with the total time not to exceed 35 hours/week.

  • 1.9 a.m.–5:20 p.m. (four times or less per week)
  • 2.Set hours between 9 a.m. and 5:20 p.m., in one-hour units.

(Working days and hours are negotiable. However, daily working hours cannot be shifted for different days.)


Saturdays and Sundays, Japanese national holidays, New Year holidays (Dec.29-Jan.3), and RIKEN Foundation Day (4th Monday in October).

Other provisions

  • -Worker’s accident compensation insurance applies. Social insurance will be applied depending on the working conditions
  • -No smoking on site (designated smoking areas available)
  • -Other provisions are in accordance with RIKEN regulations.

Application and required documents

Prepare the documents indicated below as PDF files and send them to pcsec.gsc [at] riken.jp

*Write “Application Documents; Y20013 Part-time Staff” in the subject line.

Documents to submit

  • 1.CV or CV
    • *Using the RIKEN format above is appreciated.
    • *Please write Open-call ID (Y20013).
  • 2.List of skills, job experiences and research achievements (within one A4-size page)
  • 3.Reason for applying and future aspirations (within one A4-size page)
  • 4.Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR
    If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), you are required to submit the document, "Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR" with your signature.

    *You will find detailed information about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the following website:
    Data protection | European Commission

Note: Application documents will not be returned.


Until the position is filled

Handling Personal Data

Submitted documents are strictly protected under the RIKEN Privacy Policy and will be used only for the purpose of applicant screening. Personal information will not be disclosed, transferred or loaned to a third party under any circumstances without just cause.

Selection process

Only person who pass the application screening will be interviewed (face-to-face or remote).

Start of Employment

at the earliest possible opportunity

Contact Information / Send application to

Any questions about this position should be sent to the E-mail address given below.

Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology,
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
Email: pcsec.gsc [at] riken.jp"