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COVID-19 Measures at RIKEN (Updated on March 13, 2023)

Visiting RIKEN campuses and facilities

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, please do not visit RIKEN locations if at all possible. Instead, please consider holding meetings, etc. online. If you must visit RIKEN, please arrange your visit in advance with the employee(s) you will be seeing.

When visiting a RIKEN campus or facility, you must thoroughly implement COVID-19 prevention measures, including taking your temperature, washing your hands, and maintaining social distance. Please do not visit RIKEN if you are feeling unwell, experiencing cold-like symptoms (including a fever), or experiencing other possible COVID-19 symptoms, such as shortness of breath (difficulty breathing) or a strong sense of fatigue. Please also carefully follow any instructions given by the RIKEN employee(s) you will be visiting. Mask use will be left up to individuals in principle, based on the changes to the mask-wearing guidelines of the Japanese government for COVID-19 preventive measures. However, RIKEN recommends mask-wearing as effective in the following situations. Thank you for your understanding.

Mask use is recommended

  • during rush hours or when getting on crowded trains or buses
  • when you have cold-like symptoms, tested positive of COVID-19 or when your family member is confirmed positive
  • when there is an increase in the spread of infection or RIKEN and division/section managers request stronger preventive measures in view of health management of RIKEN staff or for continuing projects.


Because RIKEN is currently encouraging personnel to work from home as part of the institute's COVID-19 prevention measures, we ask that you make inquiries by email (instead of by phone) to the person in charge of the topic of your inquiry.

For information on RIKEN research facilities subject to the Act on the Promotion of Public Utilization of the Specific Advanced Large Research Facilities, please see the links below:

Please direct other inquiries regarding COVID-19 measures at RIKEN to the email below:
RIKEN Crisis Management Headquarters
corona-emgcnt [at] ml.riken.jp

Joint research and commissioned research

As the current situation for each joint research project and commissioned research project is different, inquiries and consultations need to be handled on an individual project basis. Please direct any inquiries or consultations to the person in charge of representing the project in question via email. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience and understanding.

COVID-19 Case reports

Infections discovered from February 13 to March 12

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Date Campus Number of infected persons
March, 8 Yokohama RIKEN employees: seven persons
Those affiliated with non-RIKEN organizations: one person
March, 8 Kobe RIKEN employees: three persons
Those affiliated with non-RIKEN organizations: two persons
March, 8 Wako RIKEN employees: twenty persons
Those affiliated with non-RIKEN organizations: one person
March, 8 Tsukuba RIKEN employees: two persons
March, 8 Harima RIKEN employees: one person
March, 8 Keihanna RIKEN employees: one person
March, 8 Osaka RIKEN employees: one person
March, 8 Tokyo RIKEN employees: one person

RIKEN has and will continue to implement all necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection within the institute in accordance with public health center instructions.
RIKEN requests that the rights and privacy of the employees and their families be respected during this difficult time.

Past cases