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RIKEN’s Response to COVID-19 (Updated May 28)

Gradual resumption of research and administrative activities has begun

The all-RIKEN work-from-home orders were originally put into place in April to protect the health of RIKEN personnel and contribute to preventing the further spread of COVID-19. However, following the partial lifting of the state of emergency on May 14, we began procedures for gradual resumption of research and administrative activities at some locations. Furthermore, in consideration of the May 25 government decision to lift the state of emergency for the rest of Japan and the current COVID-19 situation in areas where RIKEN conducts activities, all RIKEN locations have now begun the gradual resumption of research and administrative activities. At locations that have already resumed activities, we will implement a plan for resuming operations based on the following three basic principles*, which RIKEN personnel are asked to keep in mind, and the conditions required for resuming research activities at RIKEN, which have been formulated with the approval of the RIKEN Emergency Management Headquarters.

*Three basic principles to keep in mind as in-person work resumes:

  • (1)Creating a completely sterile environment is impossible.
  • (2)Proving that persons are negative for the virus is also impossible.
  • (3)Each person must operate on the premise of protecting themselves.

To limit close-contact opportunities as much as possible, we are also implementing various measures for avoiding the Three Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings), preventing the spread of infection, and maintaining good health.

Research and development related to COVID-19 will continue. All locations will also conduct necessary preparations, such as restarting laboratory equipment and urgent research projects, to resume regular research activities.

For information on RIKEN research facilities subject to the Act on the Promotion of Public Utilization of the Specific Advanced Large Research Facilities, as well as our bioresource deposit and distribution services, please see the links below:


RIKEN Crisis Management Headquarters
corona-emgcnt [at] ml.riken.jp

Joint and commissioned research

Major disruptions to joint and commissioned research are still expected as RIKEN gradually resumes research activities. Your partner group at RIKEN may contact you to consult with you on how to handle ongoing joint and commissioned research, since the disruptions may differ depending on the type of research.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes and ask for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please send an email to the lead researcher of your project at RIKEN.