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RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research Laboratory for Pathophysiological and Health Science

Team Leader: Yasuyoshi Watanabe (M.D., Ph.D.)

Research Summary

Yasuyoshi  Watanabe(M.D., Ph.D.)

We provide core technologies to realize health sciences including very early diagnosis, patho-physiology, and preemptive medicine using imaging biomarkers closely related to disease state and pre-disease state (ahead sick), to innovate medical science with promotion of collaborations among all center members.

Main Research Fields

  • Biology & Biochemistry

Related Research Fields

  • Chemistry
  • Materials Sciences
  • Molecular Biology & Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Plant & Animal Science
  • Microbiology
  • Neuroscience & Behavior
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology & Psychiatry
  • Social Sciences & General
  • Environment & Ecology
  • Multidisciplinary

Research Subjects

  • Molecular imaging study on newly developed biomarkers for evaluation of health and pre-disease state
  • Molecular imaging study on newly developed biomarkers for evaluation of disease state
  • Development of molecular imaging indices for products to avoid deterioration of health

Selected Publications

  • 1.Mizuno, K., Tanaka, M., Tanabe, H.C., Joudoi, T., Kawatani, J., Shigihara, Y., Tomoda, A., Miike, T., Imai-Matsumura, K., Sadato, N., and Watanabe, Y.:
    "Less efficient and costly processes of frontal cortex in childhood chronic fatigue syndrome."
    Neuroimage Clin., 9: 355-368, 2015.
  • 2.Niwa, T., Ochiai, H., Watanabe, Y., and Hosoya, T.:
    "Ni/Cu-Catalyzed Defluoroborylation of Fluoroarenes for Diverse C-F Bond Functionalizations."
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137(45): 14313-14318, 2015.
  • 3.Doi, H., Mawatari, A., Kanazawa, M., Nozaki, S., Nomura, Y., Kitayoshi, T., Akimoto, K., Suzuki, M., Ninomiya, S., and Watanabe, Y.:
    "Synthesis of 11C-labeled thiamine and fursultiamine for in vivo molecular imaging of vitamin B1 and its prodrug using positron emission tomography."
    J. Org. Chem., 80(12): 6250-6258, 2015.
  • 4.Cui, YL., Toyoda, H., Sako, T., Onoe, K., Hayashinaka, E., Wada, Y., Yokoyama, C., Onoe, H., Kataoka, Y., and Watanabe, Y.:
    "A voxel-based analysis of brain activity in high-order trigeminal pathway in the rat induced by cortical spreading depression."
    NeuroImage, 108:17-22, 2015.
  • 5.Takahashi, K., Hosoya, T., Onoe, K., Doi, H., Nagata, H., Hiramatsu, T., Li, X-L., Watanabe, Yu., Wada, Y., Takashima, T., Suzuki, M., Onoe, H., and Watanabe, Y.:
    "[11C]Cetrozole: an improved C-[11C]methylated PET probe for aromatase imaging in the brain."
    J. Nucl. Med., 55(5): 852-857, 2014.
  • 6.Nomura, S., Nozaki, S., Hamazaki, T., Takeda, T., Ninomiya, E., Kudo, S., Hayashinaka, E., Wada, Y., Hiroki, T., Fujisawa, C., Kodama, H., Shintaku, H., and Watanabe, Y.:
    "PET Imaging analysis with64Cu in disulfiram treatment for aberrant copper bio-distribution in menkes disease mouse model."
    J. Nucl. Med., 55(5): 845-851, 2014.
  • 7.Mukai, H., Ozaki, D., Cui, Y.L., Kuboyama, T., Yamato-Nagata, H., Onoe, K., Takahashi, M., Wada, Y., Imanishi, T., Kodama, T., Obika, S., Suzuki, M., Doi, H., and Watanabe, Y.:
    "Quantitative evaluation of the improvement in the pharmacokinetics of a nucleic acid drug delivery system by dynamic PET imaging with18F-incorporated oligodeoxynucleotides."
    J. Control. Release, 180: 92-99, 2014.
  • 8.Nakatomi, Y., Mizuno, K., Ishii, A., Wada, Y., Tanaka, M., Tazawa, S., Onoe, K., Fukuda, S., Kawabe, J., Takahashi, K., Kataoka, Y., Shiomi, S., Yamaguti, K., Inaba, M., Kuratsune, H., and Watanabe, Y.:
    "Neuroinflammation in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis: a11C-(R)-PK11195 positron emission tomography study."
    J. Nucl. Med., 55(6):945-950, 2014.
  • 9.Tamura, K., Kurihara, H., Yonemori, K., Tsuda, H., Suzuki, J., Kono, Y., Honda, N., Kodaira, M., Yamamoto, H., Yunokawa, M., Shimizu, C., Hasegawa, K., Kanayama, Y., Nozaki, S., Kinoshita, T., Wada, Y., Tazawa, S., Takahashi, K., Watanabe, Y., and Fujiwara, Y.:
    "64Cu-DOTA-Trastuzumab PET imaging in patients with HER2-Positive breast cancer."
    J. Nucl. Med., 54(11): 1869-1875, 2013.
  • 10.Mizuno, K., Yoneda, T., Komi, M., Hirai, T., Watanabe, Y., and Tomoda, A.:
    "Osmotic release oral system-methylphenidate improves neural activity during low reward processing in children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder."
    NeuroImage Clin., 2: 366-376, 2013.

Recent Research Results

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Yasuyoshi Watanabe
Team Leader

Core members

Yasuhiro Wada
Deputy Team Leader
Shinji Motomura
Deputy Team Leader
Kei Mizuno
Senior Scientist
Kayo Takahashi
Senior Scientist
Yousuke Kanayama
Research Scientist
Akihiro Sasaki
Research Scientist
Hiroshi Mizuma
Research Scientist
Takayoshi Nakaoka
Research Scientist
Tomonori Fukuchi
Research Scientist
Kyosuke Watanabe
Research Scientist
Emi Yamano
Research Scientist
Miho Iwasaki
Research Associate
Kayo Onoe
Technical Scientist
Miki Goto
Technical Scientist
Emi Hayashinaka
Expert Technician
Yuka Nakatani
Technical Staff I
Shino Owada
Technical Staff I
Yoshino Matsumoto
Technical Staff I
Akina Higashi
Technical Staff I
Kanako Tajima
Technical Staff I
Shuhei Yamaguchi
Research Part-time Worker II
Yoshimi Takemoto
Administrative Part-time Worker II
Maya Mitsuno
Administrative Part-time Worker II
Natsumi Otsuka
Temporary Staffing
Eriko Kawai
Visiting Researcher
Mai Shibata
Yoko Nagatomo
Miki Fujiwara

Contact Information

6-7-3 Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku
Kobe, Hyogo
650-0047, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)78-304-7101
Fax: +81-(0)78-304-7112
Email: yywata [at] riken.jp