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RIKEN Baton Zone Program Hydrogen Energy Storage Technology Laboratory

Team Leader: Naoki Uchiyama (Ph.D.)
Deputy Team Leader: Daigo Miyajima (Ph.D.)

Research Summary

Naoki  Uchiyama(Ph.D.) Daigo Miyajima

RIKEN developed the first highly ordered graphitic carbon nitride film. With this new technology, we tackle to develop a novel porous material featuring ultra-high hydrogen storage capacity and excellent hydrogen desorption. We believe that our challenge can reduce the size of conventional hydrogen storage tanks by half. Furthermore, we will realize a flat tank for hydrogen storage and reduce hydrogen filling pressure.
[Integrated Collaborative Research with ATSUMITEC CO.,LTD.]

Main Research Fields

  • Engineering

Related Research Fields

  • Chemistry


  • hydrogen
  • higher-order structure
  • Graphitic Carbon Nitride(g-C3N4)
  • Two-Dimensional Polymers
  • solid electrolyte

Selected Publications

  • 1.Arazoe, H., Miyajima, D., Akaike, K., Araoka, F., Sato, E., Hikima, T., Kawamoto, M., and Aida T.:
    “An autonomous actuator driven by fluctuations in ambient humidity”
    Nat. Mater., 15, 1084–1089, 2016.

Lab Members

Principal investigator

Naoki Uchiyama
Team Leader

Core members

Daigo Miyajima
Deputy Team Leader
Takaaki Orii
Senior Scientist
Aya Kashifuku
Technical Staff I
Hiroshi Matsutaka
Senior Technical Staff
Manabu Inukai
Research Scientist
Takashi Tatsuno
Visiting Scientist
Yusuke Tanno
Visiting Scientist
Miyuki Tashiro
Visiting Scientist
Kyohei Takenoi
Visiting Scientist
Shohei Tazawa
Visiting Scientist

Contact Information

Main Research Bldg.
2-1, Hirosawa,
Wako, Saitama,
351-0198, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)48-467-4058
Fax: +81-(0)48-467-9735
Email: naoki.uchiyama [at] riken.jp