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Chief Scientist Laboratories Bioengineering Laboratory

Chief Scientist: Mizuo Maeda (D.Eng.)

Research Summary

Mizuo  Maeda(D.Eng.)

The principal purpose of the laboratory is to explore a new frontier of research field which fuses engineering and biological science. On the basis of polymer chemistry, analytical chemistry, surface chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, we are studying on new materials comprising biological components, novel methodology for bioanalysis and medical diagnosis, and artificial systems for regulation of biological processes. Those new ideas and materials are being applied to the field of biomaterials science, environmental science, micro/nanoscience, life science and medical engineering. For example, we newly prepared DNA-vinyl polymer conjugates which have been applied for DNA biosensor, affinity electrophoresis, SNPs-responsive diagnostic nanoparticle, gene-responsive hydrogel, artificial gene regulation system, etc. These researches may be classified into a new category, i.e., "DNA engineering".

Main Research Fields

  • Chemistry

Related Research Fields

  • Complex Systems
  • Engineering
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Biomaterials science
  • Macromolecular chemistry


  • nanoparticle
  • DNA
  • sensor
  • bio conjugate
  • bio macromolecule

Selected Publications

  • 1. Chuaychob, S., Thammakhet-Buranachai, C., Kanatharana, P., Thavarungkul, P., Buranachai, C., Fujita, M., and Maeda M.:
    "A nanobiosensor for the simple detection of small molecules using non-crosslinking aggregation of gold nanoparticles with G-quadruplexes"
    Anal. Methods, 12, 230-238 (2020).
  • 2. Kato, S., Ozasa, K., Maeda, M., Tanno, Y., Tamaki, S., Higuchi-Takeuchi, M., Numata, K., Kodama, Y., Sato, M., Toyooka, K., and Shinomura, T.:
    "Carotenoids are essential for light perception by the eyespot apparatus to initiate the phototactic movement of Euglena gracilis"
    Plant J. 101, 1091-1102 (2020).
  • 3. Sato, K., Hosokawa, K., and Maeda, M.:
    "Characterizing the non-crosslinked aggregation of DNA-modified gold nanoparticles; effects of DNA length and terminal base pair"
    Analyst, 144, 5580-5588, (2019).
  • 4. Ozasa, K., Won, J., Song, S., Shinomura, T., and Maeda, M.:
    "Phototaxis and photo-shock responses of Euglena gracilis under gravitaxis"
    Algal Res., 41, 101563 (2019).
  • 5. Kim, Y.-J., Hosokawa, K., and Maeda, M.:
    "Sensitivity enhancement of microRNA detection using a power-free microfluidic chip"
    Anal. Sci., 35, 1227-1236 (2019).
  • 6. Yu, L., Shiraishi, S., Wang, G., Akiyama, Y., Takarada, T., and Maeda, M.:
    "Connecting Nanoparticles with Different Colloidal Stability by DNA for Programmed Anisotropic Self-Assembly"
    J. Phys. Chem. C, 123, 15293-15300 (2019).
  • 7. Chang, C.-C., Wang, G., Takarada, T., and Maeda, M.:
    "Target-Recycling-Amplified Colorimetric Detection of Pollen Allergen Using Non-Cross-Linking Aggregation of DNA-Modified Gold Nanoparticles"
    ACS Sens., 4, 363-369 (2019).
  • 8. Tang, Z., Takarada, T., and Maeda,M.:
    "Non-Cross-Linking Aggregation of DNA-Carrying Polymer Micelles Triggered by Duplex Formation"
    Langmuir, 34 (49), 14899-14910, (2018).
  • 9. Wang, G., Akiyama, Y., Kanayama, N., Takarada, T., and Maeda, M.:
    "Directed Assembly of Gold Nanorods by Terminal-Base Pairing of Surface-Grafted DNA"
    Small, 1702137, (2017).
  • 10. Hasegawa, K., Negishi, R., Matsumoto, M., Yohda, M., Hosokawa, K., and Maeda, M.:
    "Specificity of microRNA detection on a power-free microfluidic chip with laminar flow-assisted dendritic amplification"
    Anal. Sci., 33, 171-177 (2017).

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Mizuo Maeda
Chief Scientist

Core members

Kazunari Ozasa
Senior Research Scientist
Tomohiro Hiraishi
Senior Research Scientist
Kazuo Hosokawa
Senior Research Scientist
Masahiro Fujita
Senior Research Scientist
Tohru Takarada
Senior Research Scientist
Rodtichoti Wannapob
Postdoctoral Researcher
Takafumi Sako
Junior Research Associate
Surachada Chuaychob
International Program Associate
Yoshifumi Sakamoto
Student Trainee
Masaya Inoue
Student Trainee
Michitsuna Tsutsumi
Student Trainee
Tamotsu Zako
Senior Visiting Scientist
Naoki Kanayama
Visiting Scientist
Makoto Takemasa
Visiting Scientist
Yoshitsugu Akiyama
Visiting Scientist
Guoqing Wang
Visiting Scientist
Ken-Ichi Wada
Visiting Scientist
Naoko Nakata
Technical Staff II
Masumi Furumoto
Administrative Part-time Worker II
Kumiko Matsumoto
Administrative Part-time Worker II
Akiko Nakamura
Temporary Staffing
Hiromi Ito
Temporary Staffing

Contact Information

Cooperation Center
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama
351-0198, Japan
Email: mizuo [at] riken.jp