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RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science Dormancy and Adaptation Research Unit

Unit Leader: Mitsunori Seo (D.Sc.)

Research Summary

Mitsunori  Seo(D.Sc.)

Our unit studies the mechanisms that regulate plant adaptation responses such as seed dormancy, germination and stress responses. We will reveal how biosynthesis and transport of plant hormones such as abscisic acid, gibberellin and jasmonates are regulated. We will optimize plant adaptation responses by genetic and chemical regulation of hormone transport and biosynthesis.

Main Research Fields

  • Biology

Related Research Fields

  • Agricultural Sciences


  • Plant hormone
  • Seed germination
  • Seed dormancy
  • Stress response
  • Transporter

Selected Publications

  • 1.Kanno, Y., Oikawa, T., Chiba, Y., Ishimaru, Y., Shimizu, T., Sano, N., Koshiba, T., Kamiya, Y., Ueda, M. and Seo, M.:
    "AtSWEET13 and AtSWEET14 regulate gibberellin-mediated physiological processes"
    Nat Commun 7, 13245 (2016)
  • 2.Seo, M., Kanno, Y., Frey, A., North, H.M. and Marion-Poll, A.:
    "Dissection of Arabidopsis NCED9 promoter regulatory regions reveals a role for ABA synthesized in embryos in the regulation of GA-dependent seed germination"
    Plant Sci 246, 91-97 (2016)
  • 3.Sano, N., Rajjou, L., North, H.M., Debeaujon, I., Marion-Poll, A. and Seo, M.:
    "Staying Alive: Molecular Aspects of Seed Longevity"
    Pant Cell Physiol 57, 660-674 (2016)
  • 4.Shimizu, T., Miyakawa, S., Esaki, T., Mizuno, H., Masujima, T., Koshiba, T. and Seo, M.:
    "Live single cell plant hormone analysis by video-mass spectrometry"
    Plant Cell Physiol 56, 1287-1296 (2015)
  • 5.Chiba, Y., Shimizu, T., Miyakawa, S., Kanno, Y., Koshiba, T., Kamiya, Y. and Seo, M.:
    "Identification of Arabidopsis NRT1/PTR FAMIRY (NPF) proteins capable of transporting plant hormones"
    J Plant Res 128, 679-686 (2015)
  • 6.Saito, H., Oikawa, T., Hamamoto, S., Ishimaru, Y., Kanamori-Sato, M., Sasaki-Sekimoto, Y., Utsumi, T., Chen, J., Kanno, Y., Masuda, S., Kamiya, Y., Seo, M., Uozumi, N., Ueda, M. and Ohta, H.:
    "The jasmonate-responsive GTR1 transporter is required for gibberellin-mediated stamen development in Arabidopsis"
    Nat Commun 6, 6095 (2015)
  • 7.Léran, S., Varala, K., Boyer, J.C., Chiurazzi, M., Crawford, N., Daniel-Vedèle, F., David, L., Dickstein, R., Fernandez, E., Forde, B., Gassmann, W., Geiger, D., Gojon, A., Gong, J.M., Halkier, B.A., Harris, J.M., Hedrich, R., Limami, A.M., Rentsch, D., Seo, M., Tsay, Y.F., Zhang, M., Coruzzi, G., Lacombe, B.:
    "A unified nomenclature of NITRATE TRANSPORTER 1/PEPTIDE TRANSPORTER family members in plants"
    Trends Plant Sci 19, 5-9 (2014)
  • 8.Yano, R., Takebayashi, Y., Nambara, E., Kamiya, Y. and Seo, M.:
    "Combining association mapping and transcriptomics identify HD2B histone deacetylase as a genetic factor associated with seed dormancy in Arabidopsis thaliana"
    Plant J 74, 815-828 (2013)
  • 9.Kanno, Y., Hanada, A., Chiba, Y., Ichikawa, T., Nakazawa, M., Matsui, M., Koshiba, T., Kamiya, Y. and Seo, M.:
    "Identidication of an abscisic acid transporter by functional screening using the receptor complex as a sensor"
    Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109, 9653-9658 (2012)
  • 10.Kanno, Y., Jikumaru, Y., Hanada, A., Nambara, E., Abrams, S.R., Kamiya, Y. and Seo, M.: "Comprehensive hormone profiling in developing Arabidopsis seeds: examination of the site of ABA biosynthesis, ABA transport and hormone interactions"
    Plant Cell Physiol 51, 1988-2001 (2010)

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Mitsunori Seo
Unit Leader

Core members

Shunsuke Watanabe
Special Postdoctoral Researcher
Hiromi Suzuki
Postdoctoral Researcher
Keisuke Fujiyama
Visiting Researcher
Yuri Kanno
Technical Staff II

Contact Information

C614 Central Research Building 1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, 230-0045, Japan

Email: mitsunori.seo [at] riken.jp