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Head Office for Information Systems and Cybersecurity (ISC)

Michihiko  Minoh(D.Eng.) Director: Michihiko Minoh (D.Eng.)

The Head Office for Information Systems and Cybersecurity has an Information Systems Division providing technical support and a R&D Group carrying out research.

The Information Systems Division

The Information Systems Division’s primary function is to provide IT support throughout RIKEN. An Information and Technology Integrated Strategy Council and its various committees deliberate, draft, and implement information systems strategies, and plan, construct, manage, and provide user support for RIKEN’s information systems infrastructure (including the IT systems for administrative staff). This division is also responsible for implementing cybersecurity measures, setting policies and drafting guidelines for information ethics, as well as acting promptly when incidents do occur.

The R&D Group

The R&D Group works closely with RIKEN researchers on research and development in informatics (encompassing information science, information processing, information systems, and computer science) and data science that are considered essential to collaborations spanning all of RIKEN, as well as those between RIKEN centers, research groups, and including interdisciplinary undertakings.


List of Organizations

Data Knowledge Organization Unit
Norio Kobayashi (D.Eng.)
Data Management System Unit
Hideyuki Jitsumoto (Ph.D.)
Life Science Data Sharing Unit
Shuichi Onami (D.V.M., Ph.D.)

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