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RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing Quantum Information Physics Theory Research Team

Team Leader: Franco Nori (Ph.D.)

Research Summary

Franco Nori (Ph.D.)

Our research group performs interdisciplinary studies at the interface between nanoscience, quantum computing, quantum information processing, superconducting quantum circuitry for quantum computing, photonics, quantum optics, atomic physics, nano-mechanics, mesoscopics, computational physics, and condensed matter physics.

We are developing the QuTiP software used worldwide for quantum information processing, quantum optics, and quantum open systems. We are also using techniques from AI and Machine Learning to solve computationally hard problems. We are also studying the Coherent Ising Machine and fast computing using networks of Optical Parametric Oscillators. The Web of Science has listed our research work as Highly Cited for 2017-18-19-20.

We have published more than 30 papers in collaboration with various companies (NEC, Hitachi, Toshiba, NTT, IBM, etc.). Currently, we are conducting long-term joint research with NTT Research laboratories with the goal of solving difficult computational problems.

Main Research Fields

  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Related Research Fields

  • Engineering
  • Informatics
  • Complex Systems
  • Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering
  • Quantum Physics; Quantum optics; Quantum electronics
  • Quantum information processing and quantum computing
  • Software for combinatorial optimization and for quantum computing, AI and Machine Learning


  • Quantum Physics, Quantum optics
  • Quantum information processing and quantum computing
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning
  • Software for quantum physics
  • Superconducting qubits

Selected Publications

  • 1. X. Gu, A.F. Kockum, A. Miranowicz, Y.X. Liu, F. Nori.:
    "Microwave photonics with superconducting quantum circuits"
    Physics Reports 718-719, pp. 1-102 (2017). [Link][arXiv]
  • 2. A.F. Kockum, A. Miranowicz, S. De Liberato, S. Savasta, F. Nori.:
    "Ultrastrong coupling between light and matter"
    Nature Reviews Physics 1, pp. 19–40 (2019). [Link][arXiv]
  • 3. Z. Yan, et al.:
    "Strongly correlated quantum walks with a 12-qubit superconducting processor"
    Science 364, pp. 753-756 (2019). [Link][Suppl. Info.][Suppl. Info. Movie]
  • 4. O. Di Stefano, A. Settineri, V. Macrì, L. Garziano, R. Stassi, S. Savasta, F. Nori.:
    "Resolution of gauge ambiguities in ultrastrong-coupling cavity quantum electrodynamics"
    Nature Physics 15, pp. 803–808 (2019). [Link_1][Link_2][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]
  • 5. K.D. Wu, Z. Hou, G.Y. Xiang, C.F. Li, G.C. Guo, D. Dong, F. Nori.:
    "Detecting non-Markovianity via quantified coherence: theory and experiments"
    npj Quantum Information 6, 55 (2020). [Link_1][Link_2][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]
  • 6. B. Kannan, et al.:
    "Waveguide quantum electrodynamics with superconducting artificial giant atoms"
    Nature 583, pp. 775–779 (2020). [Link_1][Link_2][arXiv]
  • 7. R. Stassi, M. Cirio, F. Nori.:
    "Scalable quantum computer with superconducting circuits in the ultrastrong coupling regime"
    npj Quantum Information 6, 67 (2020). [Link_1][Link_2][arXiv]
  • 8. A. Melkani, C. Gneiting, F. Nori.:
    "Eigenstate extraction with neural-network tomography"
    Phys. Rev. A 102, 022412 (2020). [Link][arXiv] Editors' Suggestion
  • 9. H.Y. Ku, N. Lambert, F.J. Chan, C. Emary, Y.N. Chen, F. Nori.:
    "Experimental test of non-macrorealistic cat states in the cloud"
    npj Quantum Information 6, 98 (2020). [Link_1][Link_2][arXiv]
  • 10. Y.H. Chen, W. Qin, X. Wang, A. Miranowicz, F. Nori.:
    "Shortcuts to Adiabaticity for the Quantum Rabi Model: Efficient Generation of Giant Entangled Cat States via Parametric Amplification"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 023602 (2021). [Link][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Franco Nori
Team Leader


Position Deadline
Seeking Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Scientists (W23089) Open until filled
Seeking Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Scientists (W21065) Open until filled

Contact Information

Mail Research Building, Rooms 323-325,
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako-shi, Saitama, 351-0198, Japan
Email: fnori [at] riken.jp