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RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing Semiconductor Quantum Information Device Research Team

Team Leader: Seigo Tarucha (D.Eng.)

Research Summary

Seigo Tarucha (D.Eng.)

We perform research and development to apply semiconductor electron (or hole) spins to quantum computing. Study on semiconductor quantum computing has been motivated by advantages of compatibility with existing semiconductor device integration technology and capability of high-temperature (> 1 Kelvin) operation. We demonstrate that coherent manipulation of semiconductor spin qubits in semiconductor nanostructures and superconducting nano-scale junctions is useful as elemental technology of information processing and develop relevant quantum logic calculation methods, advanced quantum architectures, qubit devices that have compatibility with semiconductor device integration technology.

Main Research Fields

  • Engineering

Related Research Fields

  • Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering
  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Condensed matter physics I
  • Nanostructural physics
  • Computational science


  • Quantum computer
  • Qubit
  • Quantum dots
  • Quantum devices
  • Spin control

Selected Publications

  • 1. K. Takeda, A. Noiri, J. Yoneda, T. Nakajima, and S. Tarucha.:
    "Resonantly driven singlet-triplet spin qubit in silicon"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 117701-1 – 5 (2020).
  • 2. A. Noiri, K. Takeda, J. Yoneda, T.i Nakajima, T. Kodera, and S. Tarucha.:
    "Radio-frequency detected fast charge sensing in undoped silicon quantum dots"
    Nano Lett. 20, 947 (2020).
  • 3. M. Marx, J. Yoneda, T. Otsuka, K. Takeda, Y. Yamaoka, T. Nakajima, S. Lie, A. Noiri, T. Kodera, and S. Tarucha.:
    "Spin-orbit assisted spin funnels in DC transport through a physically defined pMOS double quantum dot"
    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 58, SBBI07 (2019).
  • 4. J. Yoneda, K. Takeda, T. Otsuka, T. Nakajima, M. R. Delbecq, G. Allison, T. Honda, T. Kodera, S. Oda, Y. Hoshi, N. Usami, K. M. Itoh, and S. Tarucha.:
    "A quantum-dot spin qubit with coherence limited by charge noise and fidelity higher than 99.9 %"
    Nature. Nanotechnol. 13, 102 (2018).
  • 5. K. Takeda, J. Yoneda, T. Otsuka, T. Nakajima, M.R. Delbecq, G. Allison, Y. Hoshi, N. Usami, K. M. Itoh, S. Oda, T. Kodera, and S. Tarucha.:
    "Optimized electrical control of a Si/SiGe spin qubit in the presence of an induced frequency shift"
    npj Quantum Information, 4, 540 (2018).
  • 6. T. Nakajima, M.R. Delbecq, T. Otsuka, S. Amaha, J. Yoneda, A. Noiri, K. Takeda, G. Allison, A. Ludwig, A.D. Wieck, X. Hu, F. Nori, and S. Tarucha.:
    "Coherent transfer of electron spin correlations assisted by dephasing noise"
    Nature Commun. 9, 2133 (2018).
  • 7. T. Nakajima, M.R. Delbecq, T. Otsuka, P. Stano, S. Amaha, J. Yoneda, A. Noiri, K. Kawasaki, K. Takeda, G. Allison, A. Ludwig, A.D. Wieck, D. Loss, and S. Tarucha.:
    "Robust single-shot spin measurement with 99.5% fidelity in a quantum dot array"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 017701 (2017).
  • 8. I. Sohn, S. Tarucha, and B.S. Choi.:
    "Analysis of physical requirements for simple three-qubit and nine-qubit quantum error correction on quantum-dot and superconductor qubits"
    Phys. Rev. A 95, 012306 (2017).
  • 9. K. Takeda, J. Kamioka, T. Otsuka, J. Yoneda, T. Nakajima, M.R. Delbecq, S. Amaha, G. Allison, T. Kodera, S. Oda, and S. Tarucha.:
    "A fault-tolerant addressable spin qubit in a natural silicon quantum dot"
    Sci. Adv. 2, 1600694 (2016).
  • 10. J. Yoneda, T. Otsuka, T. Takakura, M. Pioro-Ladrière, H. Lu, T. Nakajima, T. Obata, A. Noiri, C.J. Palmstrøm, A.C. Gossard, and S. Tarucha.:
    "Robust micro-magnet design for fast electrical manipulations of single spins in quantum dots"
    Appl. Phys. Express 8, 084401 (2015).

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Seigo Tarucha
Team Leader

Core members

Takashi Kobayashi
Research Scientist
Reiko Kuroda
Technical Staff I


Position Deadline
Seeking a Postdoctoral Researcher (W24031) Open until filled

Contact Information

Main building
2-1 Hirosawa,
Wako, Saitama
Email: tarucha [at] riken.jp