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RIKEN SPring-8 Center Advanced NMR Application and Platform Team

Team Leader: Yoshitaka Ishii (Ph.D.)

Research Summary

Yoshitaka  Ishii(Ph.D.)

We solve important scientific problems by advanced NMR applications and productive collaboration with external users. In particular, our team explores new solid-state NMR applications using ultra-fast magic-angle spinning (MAS) for a broad range of applications. For example, we develop a research program to uncover the mechanism of Alzheimer’s onset by solid-state NMR. Furthermore, it is within our scope to explore multiplex analysis by NMR, X-ray, and electron microscopy to solve structural problems. We take a leading role in organizing major NMR facilities in Japan through the NMR platform for advanced research in collaboration with external users. Our taem is establishing world-leading NMR facilities at RIKEN through the advanced NMR applications.

Main Research Fields

  • Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering

Related Research Fields

  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Biological Sciences
  • Biology
  • Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy
  • Basic chemistry
  • Biological science
  • Materials chemistry


  • High-field NMR
  • Physical chemistry
  • Structural biology

Selected Publications

  • 1.Shi, X., Prasanna, C., Nagashima, T., Yamazaki, T., Pervushin, K., Nordenskiold, L.:
    “Structure and Dynamics in the Nucleosome Revealed by Solid-State NMR.”
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 57(31): 9734-9738.(2018)
  • 2.H.FujishiroaK.TakahashiaT.NaitoaY.YanagibY.ItohbT.Nakamura.:
    “New proposal of mechanical reinforcement structures to annular REBaCuO bulk magnet for compact and cryogen-free NMR spectrometer.”
  • 3.Takahashi K, Fujishiro H, Naito T, Yanagi Y, Itoh Y and Nakamura T.:
    “Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic and Thermal Stress in REBaCuO Superconducting Ring and Disk Bulks Reinforced by Stainless Steel Ring With Various Widths During Field-Cooled Magnetization”
  • 4.Hatanaka T., Matsugami A., Nonaka T., Takagi H., Hayashi F., Tani T., Ishida N.:
    “Rationally designed mineralization for selective recovery of the rare earth elements.”
    Nat. Commun. 8, 15670, (2017)
  • 5.Chuah JA., Matsugami A., Hayashi F., Numata K.:
    “Self-Assembled Peptide-Based System for Mitochondrial-Targeted Gene Delivery: Functional and Structural Insights.”
    Biomacromolecules. 17(11):3547-3557, (2016)
  • 6.Konagaya Y., Miyakawa R., Sato M., Matsugami A., Watanabe S., Hayashi F., Kigawa T., Nishimura C.:
    “Effect of Glu12-His89 Interaction on Dynamic Structures in HIV-1 p17 Matrix Protein Elucidated by NMR.”
    PLoS One. 11(11):e0167150, (2016)
  • 7.Y. Matsuda, T. Iwabuchi, T. Fujimoto, T. Awakawa, Y. Nakashima, T. Mori, H. Zhang, F. Hayashi, I. Abe.:
    “Discovery of Key Dioxygenases that Diverged the Paraherquonin and Acetoxydehydroaustin Pathways in Penicillium brasilianum.”
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 138, 12671-12677 (2016)
  • 8.Okada, M., Matsuda, Y., Mitsuhashi, T., Hoshino, S., Mori, T., Nakagawa, K., Quan, Z., Qin, B., Zhang, H., Hayashi, F., Kawaide, H., and Abe, I.:
    “Genome-Based Discovery of an Unprecedented Cyclization Mode in Fungal Sesterterpenoids Biosynthesis.”
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. , 138, 10011-10018 (2016)
  • 9.Tanaka, Kimiko; Oouchi, Muneki; Hayashi, Fumiaki; Maeda, Hideaki; Waki, Hiroshi.:
    “Structural Analysis of the End-groups and Substructures of Commercial Poly(ethylene terephthalate) by Multiple-WET 1H/13C NMR”
    Macromolecules, 49 (15), 5750–5754, (2016)
  • 10.Rajan, R., Hayashi, F., Nagashima, T., Matsumura, K.:
    “Towards a Molecular Understanding of the Mechanism of Cryopreservation by Polyampholytes: Cell Membrane Interactions and Hydrophobicity.”
    Biomacromolecules 17(5):1882-93, (2016)

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Yoshitaka Ishii
Team Leader

Core members

Fumiaki Hayashi
Senior Scientist
Toshio Yamazaki
Senior Scientist
Toshio Nagashima
Senior Scientist
Huiping Zhang
Research Scientist
Takako Ohyama
Research Scientist
Akimasa Matsugami
Research Scientist
Muneki Ohuchi
Technical Scientist
Tatsuya Matsunaga
Postdoctoral Researcher
Ayesha Sandamali Wickramasinghe Wijalath Pelige
Junior Research Associate

Contact Information

West NMR Complex,
1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku,
Yokohama City, Kanagawa,
230-0045, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)45-503-9642
Fax: +81-(0)45-503-9641
Email: yoshitaka.ishii [at] riken.jp