July 23, 2014

K computer runs largest ever ensemble simulation of global weather

Using Japan’s flagship 10-petaFLOPS K computer, researchers have succeeded in running 10,240 parallel simulations of global weather, the largest number ever performed.

July 22, 2014

Degradation is key to the activity of the miR-21 oncomiR

Part of the structure of miR-21, from National Chiao Tung University

Scientists have gained new clues that suggest the existence of a regulatory network that contributes to the irregular proliferation of cells in diseases such as cancers and psoriasis.

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July 4, 2014

A new look for RIKEN Research

The latest issue of our English magazine RIKEN Research is available, and we're pleased to report that it sports a new look and a new feel.

July 3, 2014

Obtaining an image of cesium in plant cells

In research that could contribute to the cleanup of nuclear contamination, a group including scientists from RIKEN have developed a way to visualize the distribution of cesium in cells.

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RIKEN Research

Steering the filaments of the developing brain

The direction of nerve fiber growth during brain development is controlled by signaling molecules that regulate the loss or addition of cell membrane at the tips of growing fibers

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