July 6, 2018

Summer fun: how plants beat the heat

Scientists have discovered a gene that allows plants to cope with extreme heat by changing the composition of chloroplast membranes.

June 27, 2018

Freedom from fear: dopamine’s role in unlearning fearful associations

Researchers discover a dopaminergic circuit in the brain that allows fear associations to disappear when there isn’t anything to be afraid of anymore.

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June 29, 2018

K computer grabs top Graph500 ranking for seventh consecutive time

For the seventh consecutive time, the K computer has taken first place on the Graph500 benchmark, which looks at a computer's ability to deal with data-intensive loads

June 21, 2018

Key milestone in the development of the post-K supercomputer

Testing has begun on the CPU developed to power the next-generation post-K supercomputer, marking an important milestone in the project.

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RIKEN Research

A hexameric ion-channel complex revs up a bacterial engine

A bacterial engine turns on and off as the number of its protein units changes

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