RIKEN's management provides the leadership, direction and oversight necessary to maximize the potential of a fast-moving organization with thousands of scientists in a wide array of research fields. Following the selection of RIKEN as one of three Designated National Research and Development Institutes in 2016, this management has adopted an initiative to maximize research outcomes, based on five pillars: pioneer a research management model for maximizing research and development results, lead the world in achieving new research and development results through scientific excellence, become a hub for science and technology innovation, serve as a focal point for global brain circulation, and foster the development of world-class leaders in scientific research.

Charting a Vision for Research

In today’s world, where advances in science and technology are so rapid, scientists are required to draw and put into reality a vision of the future. RIKEN has established an Innovation Design Office, where officers designated as innovation designers formulate a vision of a future society and scenarios to realize it. 

Board of Executive Directors

RIKEN's highest policy-making body is the Board of Executive Directors, composed of the president and executive directors. RIKEN also has two auditors which oversee the activities of RIKEN as a whole.