RIKEN's management provides the leadership, direction and oversight necessary to maximize the potential of a fast-moving organization with thousands of scientists in a wide array of research fields. Since 2003, when RIKEN embarked on a significant overhaul of its operational framework as an independent administrative institution, this management has focused on strengthening its research and administrative systems toward achieving greater internationalization and competitiveness amid a more global and society-oriented research environment.

Board of Executive Directors

RIKEN's highest policy-making body is the Board of Executive Directors, composed of the president and executive directors. RIKEN also has two auditors which oversee the activities of RIKEN as a whole.


Individual research centers at each campus are managed by a director who exercises strong leadership in the strategic management of the center. In making decisions on the direction of research and administration, RIKEN strives to strike a balance between top-down and bottom-up approaches by seeking the advice and cooperation of committees and councils established with the aim of achieving optimal scientific governance.

Framework for Recommendations and Advice to the President

RIKEN Science Council

The RIKEN Science Council is an internal advisory body of RIKEN's leading scientists which reports directly to the RIKEN president. The RSC plays a role in determining the direction of RIKEN's research and the policies necessary to achieve RIKEN's research goals.

Specifically, members of the council are charged with:

  • Examining suggestions on which research fields to pursue
  • Recommending and evaluating proposals for new exploratory and interdisciplinary research
  • Otherwise contributing to more effectively managing RIKEN

Advisory Councils

RIKEN regularly evaluates its own research themes and the performance of its scientists based on governmental guidelines. In carrying out this important work, RIKEN is guided by the RIKEN Advisory Council (RAC) and the Center and Institute Advisory Councils.

The RIKEN Advisory Council is composed of world-famous scientists, both Japanese and international, as well as individuals with experience in managing research institutes. The RAC meeting, held twice as part of every five-year plan, provides recommendations on both general research activities and the overall management of RIKEN, and provides guidance on future research strategies and improvement to management structures.

The Center and Institute Advisory Councils are bodies set up in each research center and institute to receive recommendations from eminent Japanese and international scientists in their respective fields of research. The council recommendations form an integral part of the ongoing appraisal of RIKEN's performance as a scientific research organization.