Wako Campus Entry Procedures for Visitors

Upon arrival, visitors to the RIKEN Wako campus are asked to complete the following procedures at the Guard Station.

Visitors who have been pre-registered

We recommend pre-registration by the laboratory or section that you will be visiting. If pre-registration procedures have been completed, you will receive a temporary pass and parking permit when you give a reception number and your name to the security guard at the Guard Station next to the campus gate.

Before you visit, please ask the laboratory or section you will be visiting to pre-register your name. You will be asked to provide the following information: 1) Name, 2) Affiliation (company), 3) Telephone number, 4) License plate number (if arriving by car).

Visitors who are not pre-registered

If you are not pre-registered you are asked to submit your calling card or an Application for One-Day Entry Permits for Visitors to the Guard Station when you arrive.

If you do not have a calling card, pick up an application at the table behind the signboard beside the Guard Station and submit it to the reception desk at the Guard Station (If your are submitting your calling card the form in unnecessary).

For further details contact the General Affairs Section (wwwsyomu [at]